Simple Ideas That Will Help To Transform Your Garden

29 June 2022  |  Admin


With summer in full flow, it’s a great time to transform your garden into a luscious green space where you can grow some plants and vegetables, as well as relax and unwind. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a small patio or a large lawn, these garden ideas will inspire you to create a space you love.


Tidy up


The best place to start your garden transformation is with a good old fashioned tidy up. Dig out any weeds and dead plants and sweep away leaves and rubbish. Power-wash paving slabs and walls to give everything a nice clean and refreshed look and feel. Just these small changes will help you feel more in love with your garden.


Add plants & planters


Plants can really make a difference to your garden and make it feel brighter and full of life. Plus, we have some beautiful planters that you can plant them in. 


Our Jara Plant Stands are perfect for displaying plants indoors or outdoors. You can transform a garden or patio area with these lovely planters. Finished with a traditional and rustic terracotta pot and zinc frame. They look great holding grasses or succulents. 


Additionally, the Jara Wall Planters are such a great idea if you’ve only got a small garden and want to save on some space, or if you just want to add something special to your garden walls. 

These lovely terracotta wall planters will really help lift any space! They’re suitable for aloe vera, succulents and other trailing plants. Each pot is pre-drilled to help drainage.


For something a bit bigger, we also have a range of trees from classics such as Oak and Birch trees, along with stunning Wisterias, Crab Apple trees & more. Planting trees can be so rewarding as you get to enjoy watching them grow over the months, years and maybe even decades!


Get some recycled plant pot covers


Sticking with our theme of plants, our recycled vegetable sack plant pot covers add a pop of colour to your garden and are very durable. They’re perfect for holding all your different herbs. Each one is completely unique, and the pattern will vary on each one. They are lined with recycled geo-textile, so you can plant straight into them, or use them as covers or storage pots.


Grow your own vegetables


If you have the space in your garden then why not grow your own vegetables? You can choose from a wide range of Rocket Gardens to try your hand at growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, kiwi fruit, blueberries and much much more.


You can even grow your own mushrooms with our Rustic Mushroom Growing Kits, which enable you to grow a steady supply of some of the world’s most delicious mushrooms. Each of our kits come complete with log, or delivered in an eco-friendly jute bag, complete with spores and growing instructions.


Paint your shed


Giving your shed a new lick of paint can really bring it back to life and add some brightness to your garden. If you’re a perfectionist and want to make sure you do a good job then follow this guide to painting a shed and you can’t go wrong. You can get as creative as you like and paint your shed any colour you like, blue, yellow, pink and even multicolour sheds are becoming increasingly popular!


Add bird feeders & wildlife homes


A garden full of wildlife can be really rewarding, with lots of birds, butterflies and bees visiting. You can start attracting birds to your garden by adding bird feeders and nesting boxes. And to make it easy for you to feed your feathery friends, the Burgon & Ball Bird Feed Tin is great for storing your bird seed in. You can find out more about how to attract birds to your garden by reading our previous blog post here.


If you’re a wildlife enthusiast then there’s plenty of other animals you can try and attract to your garden too. Our wildlife homes include homes and feeders for bugs, bees, ladybirds, butterflies, frogs, squirrels and hedgehogs.


Add some upcycled garden furniture & accessories


Having somewhere to sit and have a cup of tea or read a book in your garden can’t be underestimated in the summer. Even just adding a bench or a few chairs can make a difference. You’ll pick up some great upcycling ideas for your garden here.


Introduce some outdoor lighting


During the warm summer nights your garden can become an oasis, where you can relax, enjoy BBQs and a few drinks, so adding some nice lighting can help to set the mood. Our Bimala Brass Box Lanterns, made from recycled glass are simply stunning with their simple, classic design. Add some to your garden set up and you can keep the summer vibes going late into the night.


We hope you can make the most of your garden this summer and use our guide as an inspiration to transform your space for the better.