How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

1 June 2022  |  Admin

Whether you have a small green space or a sprawling country estate, here’s our top tips on how to attract birds to your garden. Just follow these five steps and you should see an increase in feathery friends paying you a visit.


1. Find the perfect bird feeder


If you want to attract birds to your garden and want them to stay for a while then you need to make the environment as welcoming and attractive as possible. 


Firstly, you may want to think about bird feeders, so that your garden visitors have somewhere they can rest and pick up some food. There’s all kinds of different feeders that you can choose from, so you can match your feeder to your garden aesthetic. Whether you want an elegant timber-framed feeder, or a more simple yet practical bird feeder, you’ll find something that’s perfect for you in our collection.


It's also worth considering having more than one feeder in your garden, to attract different bird species. This of course will depend on the size and versatility of your green space. For example, if you have a tree in your garden then you can hang some feeders from the branches. But, not to worry if you don’t have any trees, some birds prefer to eat from the ground anyway. 


2. Create an attractive environment


Additionally, once you’ve found the perfect bird feeder it’s important to consider where you place it. Ideally you need somewhere quiet, sheltered from winds and not too close to bushes where there could be cats waiting to pounce. 


It can take a little bit of time for the birds to get used to a new feeder and environment, so don’t be disheartened if not many birds visit at first. Be patient and with time you should see an increase in activity.


You can even try moving your bird feeder around until you find a spot that birds are attracted to. It’s all about finding out where the birds feel safe landing. Once you’ve mastered this we’re sure you’ll get lots of lovely garden visitors.


3. Give birds somewhere to nest


Now, if you find that you’re attracting birds to your garden, then you might want to add a nester too. Adding a few nesting boxes in sheltered areas of your garden, away from any potential predators is the best way to do this. Make sure you’re ready for when birds nest, so you can take full advantage of this.


If you’re looking to attract a robin to your garden then our Teapot Robin Nester is fit for purpose and attractive for your space. Robins prefer open nesting sites and often utilise man made objects like a teapot, so this is perfect.


There’s also our Hanging Shesali artisan bird nester that provides a place for small birds to roost during winter, or nest during Spring. This beautiful handmade, sustainable, plastic free nester is made from recycled products, so it fits nicely into your natural garden setting.


4. Put out the right food


The next thing to consider is what different birds like to eat and where they like to eat. If you want to attract a mix of different birds then you’ll need to prepare yourself for the variety of treats you’ll need to stock up on.

  • Suet balls are a great food for birds during the winter months as they provide plenty of calories to give lots of energy and keep them going during the long, cold days. Buy suet balls for the likes of robins, blue tits and long-tailed tits. 
  • Mealworms are a popular treat for blackbirds, starlings and robins in particular.
  • Sunflower seeds are perfect for birds to eat as well as being rich in protein. Siskins, house sparrows, robins and finches love sunflower hearts.
  • Peanuts are loved by tits and greenfinches.

You can also be proactive with your food waste, where appropriate. Leftovers such as bread, fruit cake and dried fruit can be left out for some birds. However, don’t use anything mouldy or salty.


What to feed birds also depends on the seasons, so it’s always worth checking the RSPB website for guidance.


One final tip for feeding birds is a simple one but definitely not one to forget. Make sure you keep your treats regularly topped up!


5. Keep Your Bird Feeders Clean


If you want birds to keep coming back to your garden then it’s crucial that you keep bird feeders clean to stop a build-up of bacteria and viruses that can spread diseases and infections among garden birds. Here’s how we recommend you clean your feeders:

  • Wear protective gloves
  • Use a bucket of warm soapy water
  • Scrub your feeders both on the inside and out with a strong bristled brush. 
  • Wait until the feeder is thoroughly dry before refilling it with food

We’d recommend cleaning your feeders every week or two.


Now you’re all set to go and know how to attract birds to your garden! We’re sure that by following our tips you’ll have a thriving space with plenty of birds visiting very soon.