Ethical Homewares

Soft furnishings, Recycled glassware & Oversized beanbags

Our home furnishings range from Owl Cushions handmade in India, to recycled glassware made right here in the UK. We might not have the latest high street gadgets, but we have a fantastic range of ethically sourced, sustainable living products from far and wide. Hang the recycled magazine mirror on the wall, and light the 100% natural beeswax candle. Then sit back, unwind, and bring the feel our outdoor living, indoors.

Decorative household items, with an eco-friendly touch

Recycled glass lanterns, and natural eco-friendly candles

Eco-Friendly tableware, made from recycled glass

Eco-Friendly kitchenware products

Natural cleaning products for around the house

Nice things, for on the hearth

Fantastic typography prints, made in Great Britain

Deadstock items, now suitable for the home.

Funky lights made from Upcycled Materials.

Reduce shower time & save water

Track energy consumption & prevent heat loss

Eco-friendly decorations for your home

Our eco-friendly homewares make a great addition to that sustainable and responsibly life you aim to live. Our ethical homewares are handmade by small ethical cooperatives from across Africa & Asia. Glass can be transformed into practical items time after time - its for this reason nearly all of our glass products are recycled. So whether its old magazine products, or huge eco-friendly beanbags made from plastic bottles, they're all in our for the home category.