5 Sustainable Living Practices You Can Put Into Practice Today

9 May 2023  |  Admin

Sustainable living has become a hot topic as people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their lifestyle choices have on the environment. From reducing plastic use to switching to compostable items, there are many ways individuals can contribute to a more sustainable future.


In this blog post, we'll explore 5 sustainable living practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine starting today. These practices are simple, affordable, and will help reduce your carbon footprint. So, let's get started on our journey towards a more sustainable future. 


Switch To A Reusable Coffee Cup


It’s now easier than ever to find unique reusable coffee cups like this reusable coffee cup. Additionally, if you switch to using a reusable coffee cup you’ll also receive discounts at your local coffee shops, which reward you for being eco-conscious. It’s win-win. Alternatively, if coffee isn’t your thing then try this reusable drinks bottle


Use Bulk Buy Bags & Shop At Zero Waste Shops


There are now tons of zero waste shops across the UK that help you cut down on your plastic waste massively. Zero waste shops give you the chance to stock up on fresh produce and all your pantry essentials. If you’re just starting out on your zero waste shopping journey then this Onya Bulk Food Starter Set is the perfect starting point. 


These vintage style bulk buy bags made from recycled plastic bottles, make it easy to buy food in bulk. The starter pack consists of a carry case and tote bag, along with a small, medium & large bulk bag, perfect for easily buying seeds, grains, pulses, rice, flour, cereal & pasta. 


Then all you need to do is transfer the contents to your storage jars when you return home to the kitchen.


If you’re in London then be sure to check out our guide to 10 of The Best Zero Waste Shops In London.


Switch To Compostable Kitchen Items 


Compostable products are the future! For example, these compostable cleaning cloths are a fantastic alternative to traditional cleaning cloths made from synthetic materials that are not even biodegradable. Whereas these cloths are made of renewable sources (70% cellulose & 30% cotton), making them 100% natural.


By switching to compostable cleaning cloths, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. 


Additionally, compostable cleaning cloths are often more durable and absorbent than traditional cleaning cloths, making them a practical and effective choice for your cleaning needs.


Ditch Throw Away Plastic


Throw away plastic is a huge problem all across the world, but thankfully there is an increasing number of alternative products now available. Check out this reusable food wrap that is the perfect replacement for cling film. 


It’s ideal for wrapping all kinds of food in such as sandwiches, bagels, cheese and so much more! All you have to do is wash and reuse time and time again. 


Replace Makeup Wipes With Reusable Pads


It’s time to forget about makeup wipes and up your game with these reusable makeup pads. This pack of seven reusable cotton pads are blissfully soft, pure brushed cotton and double layered. Just pop them in the wash to clean and then use them all over again.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, adopting sustainable living practices is essential for creating a better future for our planet and ourselves. By making small changes in our daily lives, we can make a big difference in reducing our environmental impact. 


We've explored 5 simple and practical sustainable living practices in this blog post and by incorporating these practices into our daily lives, we can move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and inspire others to do the same. 


Remember, even the smallest actions can make a significant impact in creating a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.