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There is no better place to let your eco side show than in the garden. Get back to basics with our fantastic range of sustainable FSC products, for both you and the wildlife - you know they'll love you for it. Start making your own compost, or water your garden for free with our rainwater harvesting waterbutts. And when the sun goes down, up comes the solar lights, so you can sit back, admire your hardwork.

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Gardening Gift Ideas and Esential Garden Utensils

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Wildlife Homes & Hideouts

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Compost All Of Your Biodegradable Waste

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Start Guerilla Gardening With Seedboms

0ur eco-friendly gardening products are natural, beautiful and will make you want to stay out in the garden come rain or shine. The wood used is solid, and comes from FSC, sustainable wood sources. Our wildlife homes will keep them warm whatever the weather, ensuring the birds, bees, bugs and bats stay in your garden, and not your neighbours. You can cheat your way to success, with our instant rocket gardens, so give yourself a head start on the vegetable garden this year..