Eco-Friendly Home Office Ideas To Help Boost Your Productivity

28 March 2023  |  Admin

We all know how satisfying it feels when we get stuff done. Being productive and ticking things off our to-do lists helps us feel accomplished and satisfied and it’s a great habit to get into. So, in this blog we’re going to be taking a look at some eco-friendly home office ideas to help boost your productivity. This article will give you the complete rundown on how to transform your office space into a productive environment, while also considering the planet. 


Desk space


An organised desk is essential to getting anything done. As we know a clear space, means a clear mind. We have the perfect organisation tools for your home office, the first being this bamboo desk manager. As well as being made completely from golden bamboo, it has a built-in photo frame to add a personal touch to your workspace. When you need to get stuff done this can be folded down, and out come the two fully sliding drawers, ideal for storing stationery, notes, cards, and tools. Longevity is essential for everyday use pieces like this, and this can be assured with the varnish protection to ward away damp eroding the bamboo. 


Additionally, our four-tier desk organiser is the ideal pairing, adding more draws to your desk space that can also be moved around to change up your workspace and ease of use. It’s ideal for larger desk spaces that need more storage. 


Next up, let’s think about your tech needs. Having your gadgets readily available is essential to maximise productivity and the bamboo iPad stand is perfectly angled to sit on your desk and, with easy viewing of the screen. It's effortless and sleek, with a built-in indent for charger connection. The smooth lacquered finish with rounded corners makes it both durability and comfortable to touch. It is multipurpose too; it can be used for books to keep your hands free whilst reading. 


And finally, to complete your bamboo coordination desk setup, the bamboo pen holder is the finishing touch. The only thing left to do is add some aesthetically pleasing stationary to fill it with, which leads us to our next section.




Eco-friendly stationery is the future and these recycled pens are the perfect replacement when your old pens run out. What better way to compliment the golden wood than with pastel pink? Made from recycled single-use plastic in the UK by VENTforchange, a donation is made to children’s education projects globally with each sale. 


To complete the collection, why not add some eco-friendly pencils to your office setup? These are ideal for quickly sketching down ideas and drawings.


Continuing with the theme, we also have the Ideas Pink notebook which is made from 100% recycled and sustainable materials. So, let your creativity run wild with the plain paper made from recycled paper & 30% citrus pulp. 


The three products bought together; the pink pencils, pens and notebook create the most aesthetically pleasing look. All products come also in three different colours (green, cream and blue) so you can switch things up to suit your preferences and the colours look great mix and matched together. 


If coordination isn’t really your thing, this dilemma decider notepad adds a bit of comedic value to your desk space. It is the perfect jotter to keep on hand whilst making decisions. Whatever your conundrum, it offers a bright and cheery solution in its orange colour. 


Not only useful for decisions it can be an everyday notepad for whatever life throws your way. What is even better, is that it is made from recycled 80gsm paper with a board back, its sturdy and features 50 dilemma pages with risk and reward columns! 


Final thoughts


We hope this article provides you will all the inspiration you need to transform your home office into a creative space that you will enjoy working from, while caring about the planet too.