6 Ways You Can Celebrate National Wellness Month

1 August 2020  |  Admin

National Wellness Month is upon us, and what better way to celebrate by taking care of your mind, body and surroundings to create a less stressful environment and day to day routine. Wondering how to get started?

  1. Change Your Surroundings

Making a change to your surroundings within your home can have massive benefits for your mental health. Have a think about your lighting, the layout of your interiors and what you are seeing every single day.

Start with the cleanliness of your home, are you happy with how clean everything is? Making the change to eco-friendly cleaning products will ensure that your home will be squeaky clean, but also will help you to protect the planet at the same time.

Making the switch to energy saving devices will ensure that you are saving money on your electricity bills overtime, so reducing your stress levels when it comes to outgoing costs at the end of the month. Think solar chargers, draught excluders and more!

Remember, your home is a place of comfort. Create an environment to keep yourself feeling at peace with warming candles and stunning decorations to ensure every time you arrive home, you enter a place of happiness and calm.

  1. Get Outside – Be At One With Nature!

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, create an outdoor space that reflects the save haven that is your indoor home, but outside!

Whether it’s adding in solar lights, digging up flower beds and replacing with something completely new, or implementing some wildlife hideouts to entice animals and insects into your garden, all of these will get you feeling excited to relax in your garden.

If you don’t have a garden, there are still easy ways to add nature into your home! Try buying some beautiful house plants or succulents, or even growing some herbs on your windowsill!


  1. Clear Up Your Desk Space

We know right now a lot of people are working from home, so having a clear desk space is important for having a clear mind.

When shopping for new desktop gadgets, storage and stationary, have a think about the impact that these have on the environment. There are many recycled, biodegradable and overall ‘green’ alternatives available right now – what are you going to choose?


  1. Drink More Water!

Wellness isn’t all about your environment, it’s also important to stay healthy and hydrated, so be sure that you’re drinking enough water!

Sometimes you may need a nudge of encouragement to remember to drink enough water within your busy day. Try out setting a timer on your phone to remind you, or investing in a resuable water bottle to keep with you at all times, whether it be sitting on your desk or in your bag whilst you’re moving around.

  1. Be Kind To Your Body With Healthy Food

Sometimes convenience foods can be easy to reach for, especially during a busy day. Not only can this be unhealthy, it can also be expensive. Combat this by searching online for delicious meal prep recipes, then invest in some food boxes, bags or wraps to store your pre-made food in for later.

  1. Have A Doodle To Improve Your Mood

Did you know that drawing, colouring and painting will give you the feel good factor? Being able to express yourself and concentrate on something else brings a sense of calm, so we highly recommend giving this a go! What are you going to be doing for National Wellness Month? Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for more tips and tricks on how to keep wellness at the forefront of your mind throughout August.