The Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

22 November 2022  |  Admin

Living a more sustainable lifestyle means making changes in all aspects of our lives. One especially important aspect is Christmas. The festive period is notoriously bad for generating so much unnecessary waste and it’s one of the biggest culprits when it comes to producing cheap plastic waste.


With the help of our Christmas blogs, we’re going to show you how to be more eco-friendly this Christmas. First up, here’s our guide to the best eco-friendly Christmas decorations.


Beaming Baubles 


Baubles are the crowning jewels of any Christmas tree and one of the ‘essential’ decorations. These Snow Drop Glass Christmas Baubles not only exuberate elegance, they’re made from recycled glass and are available in a variation of colours and shapes. All ready for hanging with a recycled Sari tie, they evoke feelings of Christmas past in their traditional look. 


For a more contemporary style these Nevasa Giant Round Baubles are carefully crafted from recycled glass and offer a touch of class. With their contrasting translucent glass and deep opaque antique copper, they deliver a sophisticated design. 


For a more dramatic composition, the Danoa Giant Baubles have a black and aged smoke finish for a simple yet sophisticated look. Another recycled glass piece, its black velvet tie makes it suitable for bay window hanging to embellish more than just the tree. 


Statement pieces are also a must, the Gigantic Ometti round baubles have a rustic finish but ooze elegance. Also made from recycled glass, they are perfect for hanging as a centrepiece on the fireplace or in windows. 


The Oko Baubles by Nkuku come in traditional red, gold and bronze colours with a tarnished and distressed finish, giving a rustic twist on the classic colours of Christmas. 


By contrast, the Tiko Baubles give a more contemporary feel, with an etched design they will glisten under Christmas lights. They would also look great mixed and matched with other eco-friendly Khutu Baubles. Obscure in shape and made of recycled glass they give a beautiful contrast to the classic round bauble. Finished with a brown velvet tie they have an antique feel whilst remaining effortlessly chic. 


The Itari Nkuku Glass Baubles blend the perfect mix of bygone and modernity. These traditional-coloured baubles are available in orange, rustic burgundy, acid orange and silver. The muted shades will flawlessly accompany your Christmas tree.  


Luminescent Firelighters 


Bringing warmth on cold Christmas nights, these Kindle Cone Firelighters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also ideal for open fires, non-toxic and produce 90% less soot than petroleum equivalents. Available in five fragrances they are suitable for all seasons and will set your fire ablaze in a matter of minutes. 


On the other hand, these Winter Firelighters are blended specially to encapsulate all the fragrances of the season, made with 100% soy wax they are a natural and eco-friendly firelighter. Also included is a kindle cone, producing a cosy crackle this Christmas. Alternatively, for a firelighter you can enjoy all year round, the Eco Firelighters, a soy-based firelighter decorated will fill your space with the smell of warm vanilla and coffee.


Stunning Wreaths & Garlands 


Perhaps the most versatile of Christmas decorations, wreaths and garlands can decorate both the interior and exterior of your house. The Tula Brass Wreath is simplistic yet elegant. Made from reworked brass wire, it is beautifully decorated with leaves and berries. This wreath works perfectly with the Tula Garland, offering deep brass rich tones and the same berries and metal leaves. Being entirely hand sculpted, it is made with care as well as being eco-friendly. 


Another simple yet elegant wreath is the Agatti Berry Wreath, with an array of handcrafted brass berries, it is a festive favourite. Its simple design means you can really make this wreath your own by adding fairy lights or foliage. 


Garlands and wreaths are such versatile pieces, as is the Abari Wire Star Garland. This beautiful decoration can be hung over the fireplace, around pictures, or window frames. Its cosy cottage style makes it a must for period properties creating a charming and rustic feel. 




We certainly hope this eco-friendly Christmas decorations guide will help you to incorporate some environmentally-conscious items into your home. These products are all made with quality, timeless design and sustainability in mind, so you can love these decorations for years to come. So, if you’re thinking about replacing any worn-out decorations this year then there are plenty of great options available.