How to look after the wildlife in your garden during the winter

1 November 2017  |  Admin

How to look after the wildlife in your garden during the winter

Part of being a eco friendly giftware company is taking care of the world around us. Here at Protect the Planet we do this with our amazing environmentally friendly gifts, fair trade and sustainably made products that we stock on our website.

However, there are ways that we can all try to take care of our planet more. Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have an assortment of different native creatures that live in our gardens and not too far from our homes.

During the summer months, finding food and making sure that they have shelter isn’t too tricky for them. But as the weather turns colder, as the trees and bushes lose their leaves and food becomes hard to find. Things can get hard.

That means it is down to us to try and find a way to look after our local wildlife. To help you to keep all the creatures in your garden safe, we have put together some of the top tips on how to look after the wildlife in your garden during the winter.

Get them a Wildlife home

During the cold weather, creatures of all sizes are going to need to find a place to shelter and keep warm. This means that providing them with somewhere safe to snuggle up may just be the perfect thing that you can do to help. You can try and find out ways to make habitats yourself, but if you are short on time (or creativity) then you can check out the habitats that we have in our online store.

Make sure that are food sources

Food is another thing that is hard to find when the weather is cold, so it makes sense to try and give them a better chance at filling their bellies. This could be as simple as putting out animal feeders in your garden, particularly for birds. You can also use this as an excuse to jazz up your garden and plant some berry sprouting bushes and plants which will give them a year round source of food.

Keep a hole in your pond

Do you have a pond in your garden? Don’t forget about that during the cold months. If you find that it has frozen over, then this means that animals cannot get in and out of the water, and that some animals can’t drink either. Therefore, you need to melt a hole in the ice, it only has to be big enough for them to be able to drink from and it is important that you don’t smash a hole as this can distress the fish and creatures that call it their home. Check out our fantastic range of environmentally friendly wildlife homes made in the UK by Wildlife World.


It doesn’t matter how you do it, but it during the winter it is a really good idea to try and take good care of the animals in your local area. That way, you know that you have done your part, no matter how small it seems, in protecting the planet.