How To Be An Eco-Activist

29 December 2022  |  Admin

As we approach 2023 and start to think about resolutions and goals for the year ahead, looking after the planet has never felt more critical. This blog post aims to give you ideas on how you can become an eco-activist so that you can make a difference in your community.

From lobbying your local government to hosting eco-events here’s how you can get started on your eco-activist journey.

How To Get Started

Online Resources

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to taking a proactive approach to climate action, but one brilliant source is Possible. This charity organisation provides people with the tools to start making changes on an individual and local level. Possible make it easy for you to contact your local MP and challenge them on important climate change issues to raise within Parliament. They also make it simple for you to sign crucial petitions on a national and even international level.

Sign up for their email updates to receive the latest news, campaign details, petition links and much more.

It’s also worth taking a look at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 17 Climate Change Goals to get a better picture of the global outlook. 


To grow your knowledge on the history of climate change and the pressing issues we face, there are some fantastic books to check out:

How To Save Our Planet, The Facts by Mark A Maslin. This is a really straight-forward, easy-to-digest book, packed full of facts and wisdom. 


The Most Important Comic Book On Earth Stories To Save The World -  by 300 leading environmentalists, artists, authors, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and more to present over 120 stories to save the world. 


This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. This is a powerful book that looks at two major problems: disaster capitalism and climate change and suggests a way forward. 

Living As An Eco-Activist


We know it can be difficult to live a perfect eco-friendly life and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself with it either. There are some good ways that you can start to introduce more eco-friendly products into your life such as:




Of course we’re going to mention ourselves here! The Protect The Planet online store has hundreds of eco-friendly products so the next time you want to buy something for yourself or someone else you can buy a sustainable gift from us. 


There’s also a whole bunch of eco-friendly shops and services that we love. Take Smol for example. This eco-cleaning brand will deliver sustainable cleaning products right to your door without any single-use plastics. 


Another great zero waste brand is Dizze. This refillable groceries service lets you choose from a huge range of food and cleaning products which are delivered to you in reusable containers. All you need to do is decant the items into your own storage containers and send the empties back to Dizzie so they can be reused time and time again.


Food waste apps such as Too Good To Go are another great zero waste option. Too Good to Go works with restaurants and cafes to save food that would otherwise have to be thrown away, offering it consumers at reduced prices. It’s a win-win. 




The great thing about the growing sustainability movement is that we now have sustainable banking options too. 


For example, Tred is an app and debit card that tracks your spending to reduce and offset your environmental impact. Tred helps you to help the planet by planting trees as you spend and showing your carbon footprint in real-time.


There is also Clim8 Invest, which offers both General Investment Accounts as well as Stocks and Shares ISA’s so that you can invest into a targeted portfolio of funds which are already making an impact in tackling climate change. It covers sectors including clean energy, clean technology, sustainable food, smart mobility and recycling.

Eco-Activism Within Your Local Community


If you’re passionate about making a difference in your community then these ideas are a great place to start.


Join A Community Garden

Joining your local community garden has many eco-benefits such as increasing the growth of fresh foods, improving soil and air quality and reducing waste by increased composting. But it’s also a chance to meet new people and strike up conversations about sustainable living too.


Contact Local Businesses About Sustainability 


Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental responsibilities but it’s always useful for them to receive feedback on what they could be doing better. Are there local restaurants that could cut down on their plastic use? You could write them an email with possible alternative solutions.


Host or join a neighbourhood or park rubbish pick


This is great way to form a close community group with other like-minded people and do some good for your local area while you’re at it.


Host or join a sustainability group


Again, another great way to build a strong community group is to host regular meetings and discuss ways that you can improve your neighbourhood, town or city, together.


We hope this article inspires to either take the first steps in your eco-activist journey or has given you new ideas on how to further get involved in the sustainable-living movement.