4 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Children

16 August 2020  |  Admin

Our eco-friendly gifts for children are not just environmentally friendly, they’re also a whole lot of fun too!

We understand that eco-friendly gifts can be pricey, so we have a wide range of products for under just £5. So whether you’re a teacher looking for an end of year present for your pupils or looking to treat a loved one on their birthday, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Get out in the garden!

A fun activity for both children and adults alike is getting involved with the gardening.

From scattering wildflowers with Seedboms to growing your own range of mushrooms with our kits that come complete with a log, or delivered in an eco-friendly jute bag, complete with spores and growing instructions, there are many eco-friendly gifts for children that are so perfect for getting them out in the garden.

  1. Step up your stationary

What child doesn’t like new stationary? Our recycled notepad’s are perfect for doodling, along with pencils made from recycled CD cases and so much more!


  1. Gifts for the gadget lover!

Looking for something a little different? Try this H20 Powered Can Clock. This clock uses the latest long life H20 technology to power the display. Simply add water to the body of the can to activate it, and enjoy free energy to clearly see the time!


  1. Add something fun to your home!

The range of handmade doorstops from Meet The Wedgies are perfect for adding something fun to your loved ones home. Every design is hand painted and colourful, the perfect addition to any room. Choose from designs such as Superman, a policeman and more!

So, what will you be choosing? If you are looking for more inspiration to find eco-friendly gifts for children, take a look at our range.