Get Yourself Ready For Plastic Free July

6 June 2022  |  Admin


Do you want to get involved in Plastic Free July? With our tips you can be part of the global movement to reduce plastic waste, so we can have a cleaner and safer planet for all. 


Here’s some simple tips for how you can get ready for Plastic Free July and continue with those changes into the future. 


1. Start Small


If you’re just starting out on your plastic free journey then it can be a little bit overwhelming. We’d suggest just starting off small with some easy changes. Have a look at what items you have in your home and using this guide, think about how you can replace them with sustainable alternatives.


Our Zero Waste Starter Pack is the perfect place to start. The starter pack contains:

  • 3 x reusable pads (perfect for makeup), made from soft brushed cotton.

  • A kitchen waffle cloth, perfect for removing tough kitchen stains.

  • Unbleached muslin for the skin, replacing single use wipes. 

  • Cotton produce bag, for fresh fruit & vegetables.


Switching from your original products to these zero waste items can also inspire you to figure out what other changes you can make around your home.


2. Switch to reusable cups, bottles and utensils


Did you know that shockingly only approximately 9% of all the plastics ever created have actually been recycled? So, rather than buying coffee and bottled water on the go, why not plan ahead and take a reusable cup or bottle with you. You don’t have to miss out on a trip to your favourite coffee shop either! Most major coffee shops and many independent shops encourage you to use your own cup and usually offer you a discount on your hot drink for doing so.


It’s now easier than ever to find amazing reusable items like this reusable coffee cup or a reusable drinks bottle. Additionally, these reusable stainless steel straws make it easy for you to make a change and say no to plastic straws.  These items are made with travel in mind so they’re easy to use on the go.


3. Refuse plastic bags and wrapping


The problem with plastic bags is that they break up into micro plastics and remain indefinitely in the environment. This is why we need to move away from using them and opt for reusable options instead. The good news is there’s plenty of plastic-free alternatives that you can use for all sorts of purposes. 


Firstly, try and get into the habit of carrying reusable shopping bags, like this one, with you. Make sure they’re located somewhere easily accessible or by the front door when you leave to go shopping and after a while you’ll fall into the habit of taking them with you.


There’s also a great range of plastic free products for keeping your produce fresh. Our vegan-friendly Onya Bread Bags are perfect for making your own bread or buying from farmers markets. They remove the need for supermarket bought, plastic covered loaves. 


Additionally, these ​​National Trust Summer Blooms Beeswax Wraps are reusable and self-sealing, beeswax food wraps. They mould around, under or over whatever you need to cover, keeping your food fresh for longer. They’re a much more eco-friendly alternative to clingfilm.


4. Shop local


Farm shops and Farmer’s Markets are growing in popularity in the UK as more and more people switch to shopping locally. Farm shops and Farmer’s Markets are ideal for picking up fresh produce, which won’t contain any nasty pesticides and will usually be plastic free as well. You can use this useful Farm shop locator to find your nearest shops.


Independent greengrocers and butchers are also much better for both for the environment and for cutting down on plastic waste. Just don’t forget to take your reusable shopping bags with you!


5. Replace your health & beauty products


One area that you might not have considered changing is your health and beauty products. But, it’s now much easier to find quality deodorants and soaps that are plastic free.


We love these Earth Conscious deodorants which are both as gentle and friendly on the skin, as they are on the planet. Vegan-friendly and packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard tube, they’re a much more planet-conscious choice.


Another way you can make a change is through switching to plastic free menstrual products. These products end up using so much plastic, from the packaging to the product itself. Alternatively, with reusable pads, organic, plastic free tampons and menstrual cups, there’s plenty of options to suit everyone. You’ll also save you money with the reusable options!

You’ll find lots more of our plastic free products here.