Eco-Friendly Secret Santa Gift Ideas

13 October 2021  |  Admin

With the holidays quickly approaching, it can be challenging to think of great eco-friendly present ideas. Whether you’re buying for family, friends or a work colleague, it’s good to have something unique and ethical up your sleeve when it comes to putting a smile on their face. Today, we’ve made that a little easier, collating ten eco-friendly ideas for Secret Santa gifts. 

Below is our list of top ten Secret Santa gifts, all of which are sustainable, thoughtful and environmentally conscious. All items are around or under £15, with some having an option even stocked by us.

Pocketbook Notebook

An easy but well-received gift idea is a new notebook, especially for list-makers and office colleagues. It’s also a safe gift, as everyone finds a use for a notebook. We happen to love VENTforchange, which offer a Pocketbook notebook made from recycled paper and sustainable products, making it a low-cost gift for your Secret Santa. They come in a range of colours, and there’s even an A5 version.

Shopping Bags

Gifting someone an eco-friendly shopping bag is a sure way to get onto their good list. Reusable bags are something everyone can use, but what makes material bags so popular is how they fold down to make them easy to store. To make it extra special, you can pick one up with a pretty pattern, clever saying, or even a bold colour, adding an extra touch to make it personal.


Receiving a candle as a gift will always go down a treat, especially in the winter months. Choosing one made with natural ingredients, vegan-friendly and with zero dyes or additives is a welcomed bonus. We happen to love Earth Candle Co who make their candles with all of the above and eco-soy. Not only that, but for each candle sold, a tree is planted. It comes in two sizes, but the 120ml priced at £9.99 is perfect for Secret Santa, and we stock a range of scents. However, we happen to think the Apple and Cinnamon is our favourite for a Secret Santa gift. 

Reusable Cup or Bottle

Grabbing someone a reusable glass cup or bottle is a thoughtful gift and is often something people forget to purchase for themselves. Perfect for those with on-the-go lifestyles or coffee addictions, you can never have enough cups or bottles. Least of all, ones made from recycled materials and BPA free like Neon Kactus range. Coming in various colours and sizes, there’s a perfect cup for everyone. 

Bamboo Straws

Purchasing reusable bamboo straws are not just an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to plastic but are super handy and can fit in even the smallest of bags. Especially since companies are making the change to ban plastic, purchasing bamboo straws is not only an environmentally conscious gift but can also save ruining an iced coffee or smoothie morning. They’re a great stocking filler too.


A unique gift option is to give seeds as Secret Santa, with you being able to choose from herbs to flowers, plants to shrubs. While a bouquet may last a week or two, gifting seeds are a small package that blooms for months and brightens your giftee’s day. We love the brand Kabloom who have made it even easier with their seed bombs. All you need to do is pull the pin, soak it, throw it to grow it. Simples. One of our favourites is the Urban Bloomer Seedbom, which blooms from March till June or Aug to Oct, perfect to be gifted at Christmas. 

Bath Bomb

Gifting your Secret Santa a bath bomb is a beautiful way of showing you care, giving them an excuse to relax and unwind. There are various options out there, but finding one that’s chemical-free, cruelty-free, palm-oil free and vegan friendly can be difficult. However, Bramblewood Soap Co. has you covered. Having begun in the Dorset countryside, where they’re made, they offer a range of botanical options, all handmade and use organic or natural ingredients. 

Bits + Bobs Tin

Whether they love to sew, garden or draw, buying someone a bits and bobs tin is a great present, as everyone can find a use. To make it special, you can fill it with vegan chocolate or sweets to make it extra special and personal. The Burgon & Ball Bits & Bobs Tin comes complete with a metal clasp and can even fit in a desk drawer.

Food Wraps or Sandwich Bags

If you’re stuck with what to buy, consider purchasing an item that will help make their lunchtime—gifting something such as a food wrap or sandwich bag. Not only is it considerate to the environment, helping to banish tin foil and cling film, it’s also a fun, thoughtful gift. With many patterns to choose from, you can even make bringing lunch to work a bit more unique and personal.

Beard Balm

For those who grow beards, gifting a Beard Balm is a sure way to put a smile on their face. Our Beard Balm promises to refresh, nourish and soften beards and moustaches, only needing to use a small amount to do so. Not only that, but the vintage appearing tin is reusable and comes with 60ml of product. 


Finding fun and eco-friendly Secret Santa gifts can be challenging, and we hope our list has helped make that a bit easier. There’s no better way than gifting someone a Christmas present that is full of care and also environmentally conscious. Using the ideas in this list, you can add your personal touch, making each gift a memorable and thoughtful present, whoever the recipient.