Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide For All The Family

6 December 2022  |  Admin

Are you trying to be more eco-conscious with your gift giving this year? Maybe you’re too busy or not feeling creative enough to make your own, or you’ve exhausted the charity shops and can’t find anything you want to give secondhand. 


It’s also important to remember quality is way more important than quantity. We can all be guilty of buying useless stocking fillers to bulk up a gift, and 9 times out of 10 it will end up in the bin. Not only is this waste of money, it is also harmful to the environment.


We’ve put together an eco-friendly Christmas gift guide that might give you some inspiration. It includes gifts for all budgets, for all the family (including those with four legs and a tail!).


Gifts for Adults


Elvis & Kresse Cufflinks - £74.99


This is such a unique gift idea with a great story to tell. These cufflinks are made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose that would have previously been used on duty for up to 30 years. They come in red, yellow and black and look really smart with any type of shirt. Elvis & Kresse make beautiful items by repurposing useless waste, and we love this concept!


Bamboo Extendable Bookshelf - £29.99


This is a perfect little desk add-on, suitable for all size books and adjustable up to double size. Made entirely from sustainable bamboo.


Fair Trade Photo Frame - £19.99


This 6x4 frame is handmade from sustainable mango wood strips. Its colourful design is hand-painted by artisans in India, making each one individual.


Winter Firelighters - £9.99


A six pack of lovely little snowflake shaped firelighters with beautiful aromas of cinnamon, clove, orange and lime. They are made from 100% soy wax. They burn with a crackle due to their kindle cones, and make a lovely addition to any home at Christmas time.


Recycled Rug - £19.99


With the cost of living and energy crisis, this all-wool recycled rug is the perfect gift for the colder months.


Gardener’s Aches & Pains Bathsalts - £7.99


Made in the UK, these salts include peppermint, rosemary & pepper essential oils. 


Gifts for Kids


The Eco Beanbag - £159.99


This one may be at the upper end of your budget, but this beanbag is perfect for any child’s bedroom, lounge or playroom. It is made from 100% cotton weave fabrics, recycled plastic bottles and compostable plant based fillers! A variety of colours are available.


Recycled Rucksack - £24.99


This cute and affordable rucksack comes from a brand called Seahorsey, a British/Hungarian company whose mission is to create safe and eco-friendly toys and accessories for children. These rucksacks are resistant and recyclable, made from 11 recycled plastic bottles that were polluting our marine life.


Recycled Lunchbox - £17.99


Your child will really look the part with this matching lunchbox. They can tell their friends all about how their set is helping to save our oceans from plastic pollution.


Gifts for Furry Friends


It wouldn’t be a gift guide for all the family if we didn’t include our furry friends! 


Cat Treat Christmas Sack - £19.99


This super cute Christmas sack from Green & Wilds is made from natural hessian and filled with a selection of healthy, organic treats and an eco-friendly toy. The treats include Tiddlers (100% natural small fish), sustainably sourced Salmon nibbles and 100% Ox Liver bites. 


Dog Treat Christmas Sack - £19.99 


Of course there’s a matching sack for doggies too! The treats in this sack include anchovies, insect bites and grain free, rich in liver ‘luv hearts’.


Mouse Cat Toy - £7.99


Ditch the plastic toys and treat your pets to these fun eco-friendly toys, also from Green & Wilds. Made from 100% natural jute and soft suede, your pets can safely chew these toys. See also:


Reindeer Dog Toy - £9.99


Something else?


Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t physical. There are other ways to gift someone something that is beneficial to the planet. 


Why not consider making a donation to a worthwhile cause on their behalf? A nice idea for children would be to adopt an animal in their name. Whether it’s through your local zoo, animal shelter or a bigger organisation like WWF, most animal adoption agencies come with a nice welcome package with information about your sponsored animal and regular updates. Some even come with cuddly toys!


Animal Adoption with WWF - from £3 a month

We hope this guide gives you some ideas for your Christmas shopping this year. Be sure to check out the brands that are doing amazing work to save our planet.