Christmas Inspiration: Eco-Friendly Tableware

22 November 2021  |  Admin

The Christmas period is a time for giving – often extending beyond friends and family, to charitable donations. So, why not use this time to give back to our wonderful planet? Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean that you need to give up aesthetic pleasure, either. You can be sustainable whilst impressing your guests with the beauty of your dinner table as you feast on a much-anticipated meal.

Our stunning range of sustainable tableware will enable you to create a diverse and beautiful Christmas table display, all the while protecting the earth!

Add a touch of elegance with the set of four Leaf Brass Napkin Rings, presenting beauty whilst maintaining functionality. Crafted lovingly by hand from antique finish brass, the unique leaf design not only captures the Christmas aesthetic, but gives a nod to our beautiful outdoors.

Price: £31.99


DIY TIP: fancy making your own eco-friendly napkin rings? Cut a paper towel tube into one-inch-wide rings, then paint white and leave to dry. Once dried, lay some washi tape (which is biodegradable!) around the ring and trim any excess from the sides! Voila!

Maintain the Christmas colour scheme with the set of four Fali Teal Tumblers, made ethically by skilled artisans in Asia, using recycled glass. With a ribbed design, these gorgeous tumblers will sit perfectly on the table and when it comes to cleaning up, they’re dishwasher safe and stackable!

Price: £28.99


Set a centrepiece with our elegant and understated Tula Brass Wreath, crafted delicately by hand by accomplished artisans in Asia with a rich heritage of wire work. Decorative leaves and berries are skilfully laid onto brass wire, with each wreath being completely unique to you – and your dining table.

Price: £33.99


DIY TIP: to create your own zero-waste Christmas wreath, turn to bottle corks! Begin with a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circular shape, whilst squashing the hook into a loop to hang. Wind some thick rope around the hanger in a tight coil, using some eco-glue as you go to ensure it’s held down firmly. Once the glue has dried, start sticking your corks to the rope and build it up in layers! 

Spruce up your table and impress your guests with our miniature Bell Name Place Markers and add some organisation to your Christmas celebrations! Available in a set of 8 in either antique Silver or mixed colours, these rustic and traditionally designed bells are a gorgeous addition to dinnertime.

Price: £15.99


Match up your décor with our Tula Garland, perfect for trailing across the table or even hanging above it! With deep, brass tones boasting decorative berries and metal leaves, this garland is gorgeously handmade from iron and galvanised steel. Ethically crafted using traditional tools, this makes for a gorgeous addition to your Christmas setting.

Price: £34.99


DIY TIP: create an environmentally-friendly garland with popcorn and cranberries! Lay out your popcorn and berries in a pattern you wish to follow. Take a needle and thread, and push through your first piece of popcorn, tying a knot at the end to keep it in place. Continue to thread through until you reach your final popcorn piece, and create another knot to secure. Hang or lay your new garland and snack on any leftover pieces!


Sticking with the rustic theme, our Braided Hemp Placemats look incredible on a solid wood table whilst adding a sense of warmth. Highly durable and available in sets of four, these table mats have been hand-woven from natural hemp by small ethical cooperatives throughout India.

Price: £37.99

For more sustainable tableware, browse our full range here.