Christmas Gifts for Under a Fiver

20 October 2021  |  Admin

Our planet is so special, providing us with so much that we often take for granted. It is becoming ever more important to protect the earth as time rolls over – and with every moment that we don’t strive for change, it loses its shine just that little bit more.

With Christmas fast approaching, we embrace the perfect time to reflect, give and love with everything that we have. As we edge closer to welcoming in a new year, why not get one step ahead and start helping to protect the planet before 2021 is over? Our range of eco-friendly Christmas gifts for under a fiver assist in sheltering our environment without breaking the bank, whilst showing your loved ones some all-important affection.

Are you embracing the wonders of office Secret Santa this year? It can be a difficult feat to find the right gift for someone: is it too over the top? Will they be underwhelmed? Our new and exclusive ‘Bright Ideas’ A5 Notebook is the perfect addition to any desk and keeps the office sustainable! Adorned with gorgeous foxgloves, the 300gsm front cover is created from recycled material, whilst the 36 inner pages are uncoated and recycled too! All carbon that may have been created during the production of this notebook is offset by reforestation with the Woodland Trust.

Price: £4.99


Do you know a shopaholic? Whilst retail therapy can do wonders for the mind, the use of plastic shopping bags is incredibly detrimental to the environment, as plastics cause pollution at almost every stage of their lifecycle, starting with the use of fossil fuels for their production. Encourage your loved ones to make a difference with the XL Reusable Cotton Bag, a long-lasting and sustainable alternative. Perfect for carrying grocery produce or even small clothing items, you can select between 100% cotton or mesh to suit your giftee’s needs. Each bag is machine washable to provide optimal cleanliness and its pull-tie top makes it easy to carry without the risk of losing anything.

Price: £3.99


All we can strive for in this time is to leave behind a world that allows the next generation to thrive. It’s important that we pass on our knowledge to the coming generations, to ensure that not only do they avoid the mistakes we’ve made so far but that they continue our hard work in protecting this wonderful planet. So, why not start educating them now? Our Kids Bamboo Toothbrush is the perfect way to teach children about sustainability all the while reducing plastic waste – as the average plastic handle toothbrush takes 450 years to decompose in landfill! With soft nylon bristles, they don’t compromise your kid’s oral health! Available in green or pink, the handles and packaging are completely biodegradable and better yet, a donation is made to conservation charities with every purchase.

Price: £4.49


The days seem darker and duller as we move into the Winter season, so why not let your loved one look forward to a pop of colour? Get organised for Spring with the Urban Bloomer Seedbom, a great stocking filler to keep until the sun returns! Containing Corn Poppy, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Forget-me-not, Oxeye Daisy & Red Campion, the biodegradable and peat-free compost grenade brings life to any plot of land. Grow between March and June for the perfect floral feel!

Price: £3.95


Whether it’s needed in the classroom, the office, the studio or the home, a pencil is a crucial addition to any stationery set. However, 82,000 trees are cut down every year to make 14 billion traditional wooden pencils! Our Set of 3 Buttermilk Pencils are made of entirely recycled UK plastic – so you won’t be contributing to deforestation! With every sale, proceeds are forwarded to children’s education projects on a global scale, helping to get children back into school. An ideal Christmas gift for saving the planet, and the education of children around the world!

Price: £3.99

For more Christmas gift ideas that will help save the planet but won’t break the bank, take a look at our Christmas gifts and decorations range.