Brand Focus: Zero Waste Club

12 July 2022  |  Admin

We’re delighted to be working with Zero Waste Club here at Protect The Planet, as we’re able to add even more amazing eco-friendly products to our ever expanding online store.


Who are Zero Waste Club?


Pawan Saunya and Rishi Gupta are the dreamers, thinkers, innovators, environment saviours and Co-Founders of Zero Waste Club.


After feeling frustrated and let-down by the damage we have done to our planet, they decided they needed to do something about it. 


While it’s encouraging to see the markets changing slowly, they noticed that a lot of ‘eco-friendly’ products are given a luxury label, making them unaffordable for many households. But worst still, they also found that many products sold under the ‘eco-friendly’ label stretch the definition of sustainability! So, they decided to start their own journey to produce truly sustainable, beautifully designed, ethical and vegan essentials at affordable prices. 


Why choose Zero Waste Club products?


What we love about Zero Waste Club is that they are truly committed to making a positive change to our planet. Their long term goal is to be available in all major countries on earth, providing affordable alternatives to single use items to as many people as possible. To make happen they reinvest 100% of their profit into achieving this goal.


They use their profits to fund vital Research & Development to create new sustainable products,  invest in new machinery and production methods to be as efficient as possible and of course to produce more stock to meet growing demand.


Additionally, Zero Waste Club are completely transparent about their products and how they are produced. For each product they sell they state on average how much the artisans are paid, where in the manufacturing country the product is produced and the working hours the makers work. Check out their transparency page for more information.


Zero Waste Club’s Environmental Impact


Another reason why we love Zero Waste Club is for their environmental impact. They predict they have offset over 300,000 pieces of single use plastics from entering our environment thanks to the introduction of their reusable products. Plus, for each product they sell they plant a tree, with over 300,000 trees planted so far and counting! 


What products do Zero Waste Club create?


Zero Waste Club create meaningful, simple and beautifully designed products. They create and sell a range of eco-friendly cleaning products, beauty products and household accessories.


Zero Waste Starter Collection


The Zero Waste Club Zero Waste Starter Collection is the perfect starting point for living a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle. The way Zero Waste Club view the world, there is simply no need to pollute the planet with everyday essentials. All the products in their Starter Collection will help you around the house with your everyday cleaning. Plus, all the components of the collection are either natural, biodegradable, recyclable or all three! They are easy swaps for their plastic counterparts and everything is vegan-friendly too. 


The Zero Waste Starter Collection includes multi-purpose cleaning concentrate, a glass spray bottle, reusable absorbent sponge cloths, kitchen sponges, biodegradable coconut kitchen scourers, laundry sheets made from naturally-derived vegan and biodegradable materials and an organic cotton face cloth.


Plastic Waste Coasters


Zero Waste Club not only provide fantastic everyday essentials, they also have some beautifully crafted products too. These lovely handmade coasters are made entirely from a combination of non-recyclable plastic waste such as bubble wrap, pallet wrap and plastic bags. Each coaster is durable and easy to clean, with each one having a unique pattern due to the nature of the materials. Coming in a set of 4, in three colour variations, each coaster has been made with love in India.


Organic Cotton Face Cloth


This biodegradable and plastic-free cotton face cloth will effectively give you cleaner, brighter skin with the organic cotton texture to gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells from the surface. It’s soft and super absorbent, made entirely from non-GM organic cotton without synthetic fertilisers, including the stitching and will replace single-use wipes. Whatsmore, at the end of its life you can simply cut it up and compost it or throw it in your food waste bin.


Compostable Food Bags


These 100% biodegradable and compostable food waste bags are perfect for small compost bins. They’re completely plastic-free and are made from corn starch. They’re extra-strong and leak-proof with a gathered base and come in a 100% recycled Kraft box, that's recyclable. Certified to EN-13432 and carrying the European standard Seedling logo, they’re approved for food waste composting with most councils and ideal for home composting as well. 

You can now purchase Zero Waste Club’s products directly from our website here.