Amazing Upcycled & Recycled Gifts

8 August 2022  |  Admin


Find the perfect gifts for your friends and family who are passionate about sustainability. These eco-friendly presents are made from recycled, upcycled and reclaimed materials, stopping them from going to landfill.


Here you’ll see how skilled tradespeople have got creative to transform recycled glass, fabrics and paper into eco-friendly gifts. From circuit boards, tyres, vinyl records and even fire hoses there’s a range of upcycled items by incredible creatives who are passionate about the environment. You won’t find gifts like this anywhere on the high street.


Recycled Fabric iPad Case

These handmade protective iPad cases are made from shredded, reclaimed fabrics, which make them soft and durable. They’re available for both iPad’s and iPad Mini’s. Or you can also get a Cork iPad Sleeve, with it’s natural earthy qualities, they are also water repellent and fits all iPads.


Coffee Sack Shopping Bag


For any productive trip to the shops, these large eco-friendly shopping bags are made from recycled coffee sacks that are cut and stitched to form over the shoulder bags. Because of how these bags are made, each one is completely unique and features a colourful shoulder strap which will last you a lifetime.


Bombay Sapphire Drinking Glasses


For gin lovers, these drinking glasses upcycled from a Bombay Sapphire gin bottle are the perfect gift. With one tumbler-style and one goblet-style glass, they’re a great party pieces. Making the most of the Beautiful turquoise colour of the Bombay Sapphire gin bottle, they are creatively and lovingly upcycled by hand.


Recycled Wall Clock


This wonderful large monochrome-style wall clock is made from recycled paper, featuring traditional style hands, it is a sleek addition to your home.


Tubelet Recycled Tyre Belt


This stylish belt is made from recycled bike tyre, how cool is that? You can get that leather biker look without the cruelty to animals or the planet. 


LP Vinyl Placemats and coasters


For music lovers you can’t go wrong with these vinyl placemats and vinyl coasters. They’re a funky addition to any home and look amazing at a dinner party.


Recycled Newspaper Pencil Pot


Make that home office more eco-friendly with this pencil pot, made entirely from old newspaper & magazine pieces which have been rolled into this eco friendly pot. For more tips on creating an eco-friendly home office check out our recent blog post here.


Reclaimed Firehose Double Cardholder


We're delighted to stock a range of recycled firehose products by the amazing Elvis & Kresse. The range is stocked by some of London’s best department stores and each piece is stunning and unique. This card holder holds cards on both sides when open. Get the latest look, with a hot orange lining. Shop the full Elvis & Kresse range here.


Mbata Brass Candelabra


For a really stunning gift, the Mbata candelabra is a real stand-out. This elegant candelabra is crafted from iron using traditional methods and has a rustic matt gold finish achieved during the soldering process. It’s a beautiful addition to a dining table, sideboard or living space.


Circuit Board Notepad


Computer and tech fans will love this notepad made from an old circuit board. The spiral bound notepad is solid and heavy giving it a real quality feel.


Of course there’s other places where you can also find some amazing upcycled gifts, with our top recommendation being Etsy. A quick search of Etsy for upcycled gifts will deliver a whole world of unique and lovingly crafted gifts from Pink Gin Scented Candles, Disney VHS Retro Upcycled Notebooks, Colouring Pencil Stud Earrings and so much more.


Additionally, if you’re looking to create a really special upcycled gift that you can make yourself then be sure to check out this 5-Minute Crafts YouTube video.