9 Tips For Zero Waste Food Shopping

15 February 2023  |  Admin

We all know that minimising our environmental impact is important, but it can be hard to stick to a strict zero waste lifestyle when shopping for food. Here are a few tips to help make zero waste food shopping easier.

Invest in some bulk buying shopping bags

This Onya Bulk Food Starter Set is perfect for stocking up on foods. The starter pack consists of a carry case and tote bag, along with a small, medium & large bulk bag, perfect for easily buying seeds, grains, pulses, rice, flour, cereal & pasta.

Stock up on reusable food storage jars

Once you’ve got your bulk buying shopping bags you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got a sufficient supply of reusable food storage jars to hold your produce in. These Kossi storage jars are made from recycled glass with a solid wooden lid made from sustainable mango and a convenient glass loop to hold the matching wooden spoon.

Shop at your local farm shops and markets

Buying produce from a local farmer is a great way to support a local economy while reducing waste. Visit your local farm shops and farmers markets to shop for local, fresh and in-season fruit and vegetables.

Find your local milkman 

You can also look at getting milk and fresh juices delivered straight to your door, if you have a farm shop that delivers in your area. Buying your milk in reusable glass bottles will vastly reduce your kitchen’s plastic waste. Use Find Me A Milkman or The Modern Milkman to find out how you can get your milk delivered and support your local economy. 


Additionally, these MooPops Reusable Bottle Tops are the perfect replacement for flimsy tinfoil lids and make transporting your milk so much easier. These silicone milk bottle lids will fit snuggly on your glass milk bottles, helping to keep your milk fresher for longer.

Shop at online refillable grocery stores

If you are struggling to find refillable food shops in your area then there are some fantastic online options. Dizzie and Zero Waste Bulk Foods are so easy and convenient. They stock all your pantry essentials including pasta, flour, nuts, seeds, pulses, lentils and much more. Just shop for what you need and they will send you the produce in reusable containers. You just decant the products into your own reusable containers and return their containers in the return boxes provided.

Use food waste apps

Food waste apps such as Too Good To Go are a great zero waste option. Too Good to Go works with restaurants and cafes to save food that would otherwise have to be thrown away, offering it to consumers at reduced prices.

Avoid plastic packaged foods

When shopping in bigger supermarkets, try wherever possible to avoid plastic packaged products. Not only will you be cutting down on your plastic waste but this can also force supermarkets into taking action to reduce their own plastic use if they see a dramatic reduction in product sales. 

Plan ahead and batch cook

Planning ahead of your big shop by working out meals you can batch cook is a great way cut out food waste. Batch cooking helps with meal preparation, therefore you only need to buy the ingredients in the quantities you require, reducing waste and saving you money. Make use of reusable containers to store and refrigerate/freeze your meals. 

Reduce your usage of single-use items

Your food shop may also involve picking up some other items where you may also be able to be more sustainable. Single-use items such as straws, disposable cups, food wrap, and plastic bags have a huge impact on the planet. The good news is that there are now plenty of eco-friendly alternatives. 

Try these stainless steel reusable straws for your drinks instead or instead of reaching for the cling film try these Cath Kidston Beeswax Wraps


We hope this guide helps you to make some meaningful, zero waste changes in your life and will take you one step further in practicing sustainable living, each and every day