7 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

6 February 2021  |  Admin

On the hunt for eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts? We know during this time it can feel overwhelming for those that are eco-conscious due to the masses of plastic filled products which are filling the shops during this time. To combat this, we’ve compiled a list of 7 eco-friendly gift ideas created with the environment in mind.

1. Earth Candle - The business that replant rainforests for future generations, one candle at a time!

Hand poured in Cornwall, Earth Candle are not only eco-conscious due to their environmentally friendly packaging and ingredients, they also have a core value which is close to our heart. This amazing business plant a tree in the rainforest somewhere in the world for every single candle that is sold. These guilt-free candles can be enjoyed all year round and come in a range of beautiful scents, so we’re sure there is something for everyone!

Choose from Apple & Cinnamon, Cedarwood & Jasmine, Sage & Sea Salt, Vanilla or Wild Fig & Cassis.


2. Luxury Lifestyle Products from Elizabeth Scarlett

Inspired by nature and travelling around the world, each piece created is handmade by their family run business.

Elizabeth Scarlett’s fabric choices focus on sustainability and they pledge to donate at least 2% of annual sales to the preservation of keystone species along with working in small batches to ensure they are never overstocked, therefore not contributing to the masses of waste found in the fashion industry and beyond. From coin purses to makeup bags and even eye masks, these designs are timeless and such a beautiful gift for your loved one.


3. Add some colour to your garden with Seedboms by Kabloom!

Does your partner have green fingers? The range of Seeboms by Kalbloom would be a fantastic gift! These tiny bombs of goodness are filled with various different flowers, designed to spread love and protect the planet in various ways such as encouraging bees or birds into your garden and more! Can’t decide which to choose? The Birds, Bees and Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box contains four seedboms, so four times the guerrilla gardening fun and comes in 100% recycled, plastic free packaging.


4. Recycled and Recyclable Valentine’s Day Cards from Stormy Knight

The range of beautifully illustrated cards by Stormy Knight are some of our favourites when it comes to gift cards created with the planet in mind! These cards are printed on recycled card and use vegetable inks, meaning they are 100% recyclable too. Tell someone you freakin’ love them, or maybe you’re a little bit cheeky and would prefer their I Like Uranus design. Whatever your preference, there is something for everyone within this range.

5. For The Foodie - Eco Utensils from Huski Home

Created using coconut wood, these stunning utensils are hand carved and perfect for cooking or serving food with. These utensils are made from coconut trees that no longer bear fruit which enables a material that would be disregarded to be used in an effective way, lessening the waste within our world and making the most of what we’ve got, rather than creating utensils from unnecessary materials.


6. Say Goodbye To Plastic In Your Bathroom!

The range from Eco Warrior are an easy way to say goodbye to plastic in your bathroom and hello to natural products that are kind to your skin. Perhaps you’re trying to find a gift for someone that loves a pamper? Try out their Exfoliating Bar which can be used on both face and body. This bar helps to reduce excess oil and smells devine!

Soothing and moisturising, Eco Warrior’s Shaving Bar is great for face and body, meaning you can rid of any additional products you have in your body such as shaving foams and creams which can leave your skin feeling dehydrated and dry for days! Simply can’t decide? Why not treat your loved one to the Total Works pack which includes a shaving bar, charcoal bar, exfoliating bar, hand and body bar and a sensitive facial bar.


7.  Protect The Planet Gift Voucher!

Searching and searching but struggling to decide? Let them choose their gift with our Protect The Planet Gift Vouchers. With a wide range of eco-friendly products available on their website, they will have plenty to choose from! Our vouchers are delivered electronically instantly and come in quantities from £5 and up.


Head to the site now and browse our full range of environmentally friendly Valentine's Day gifts