10 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

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When it comes to buying clothes, how they look and make us feel are two of the most important things. And now, one of the increasingly important factors to consider is the sustainability of the brands that we shop with. 

We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best sustainable clothing brands that are doing their best for people and the planet. 

1. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the biggest leading brands in sustainable fashion. They are known for their commitment to the environment and to promoting sustainability and ethical business practices throughout the clothing industry. Find out more about Patagonia’s environmental ethos here.

2. Stella McCartney

Fashion Designer Stella McCartney is passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, which she promotes through her clothing and accessories collections. She has produced her first line of vegan handbags, which are made from MIRUM®, a plastic-free animal leather alternative that can restore and benefit the environment. She has also designed a capsule collection of vegan trainers for Adidas. Read more about Stella McCartney’s sustanability practices here

3. Outerknown

Outerknown creates mindful and sustainable products that enrich people's lives and empower people and communities to thrive. The brand produces apparel and accessories that blend minimal aesthetics with modern practicality and responsible practices. They believe in transparency and only work with suppliers who share their values. They also offer a Shop Used section on their website, known as ‘Outerworn’, where you can buy and sell Outerknown items too!

4. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is another leading name in sustainable fashion. Dedicated to creating high-quality, functional clothing in an environmentally responsible way, the brand are committed to using sustainably sourced materials to create their clothing and to minimise waste throughout their production process. Eileen Fisher offers a large range of women's apparel and accessories in a variety of styles to suit your tastes. 

5. Pangaia

Pangaia is a UK based online company specialising in organic cotton and fairtrade fabrics for both men and women. Operating from the UK and shipping globally, the team at the B-CORP Pangaia pioneer and use materials that consider the delicate balance between planet, functionality and purpose”. They offer both men’s and women’s garments in a range of styles and bright colours, including jackets, knitwear, shirts, dresses, trousers, skirts and accessories such as scarves and hats. They carry a range of items suitable for everyday wear as well as workwear and leisurewear.

6. Bare Kind

Bare Kind is a UK-based company that produces high quality bamboo socks adorned in a wid range of animal designs. They are committed to using environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes to produce their amazing socks and better still, they donate 10% of profits from every sale to animal charities. They support over 35 different animal charities and you can buy Bare Kind socks from our store here.

7. Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak are an independent sustainable fashion brand who offer a range of organic and recycled clothing. They specialise in colourful and bright dungarees, conscious clothing, designed by them in a range of unique patterns. They are passionate about ethical and sustainable production methods which ensure that their fabrics are as ethical as they are beautiful.

8. Veja

Veja is one of the leading trainer brands in the world in terms of ethics and sustainability. Their commitment to the environment means that the shoes that they design are stylish and sustainable at the same time. Veja is at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement. They use environmental and ethical principles throughout all stages of their product lifecycle and ensure that each shoe is made with only natural, high quality materials that will last for years to come.

9. Asket

The philosophy of Asket is simple: to create high-quality basics that transform how women feel about their clothes and their closets. Their goal is to provide simple but elegant clothing that is flattering to all body types without compromising on comfort or style.Their pieces are elegant and timeless and will quickly become wardrobe staples that you can wear all year round. They do not believe in making clothes for the 'one season trend' and all their designs are classic and versatile enough to stay relevant for decades, made with quality materials to make them last. Read more about Asket’s Pursuit of Less to find out more about their sustainability practices.

10. Sommer Swim

Sommer Swim creates stylish and comfortable swimwear and lingerie made from recycled fabrics and sustainable textiles. Their family owned and operated factory in Bali, Indonesia, follows the internationally recognised standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative. They produce limited quantities of their products and only produce styles as required to minimise waste and limit their environmental impact. They have also eliminated the use of water in their production processes and use only biodegradable packaging when shipping their products.

Round Up

These sustainable clothing brands are leading the way in sustainable fashion and we’re sure to see the number of sustainable brands increase in the coming decades. Additionally, this should put pressure on other brands to look at their own production processes and move towards more sustainable practices, in order to compete with these leading brands.

Buying sustainable clothing is a great move towards sustainable living, but it is just one small step. You can also consider instead of buying new clothes every time you need them, consider buying secondhand or investing in a few timeless pieces that you can reuse over and over instead of consistently buying new pieces.