Why am I Eco?

Find out what makes our eco gifts & products environmentally friendly.

At the Protect the Planet we care deeply about the environment and know that it's important to you to not just know that your gift is eco-friendly but also to know why it is. There is a wide range of factors that can make a gift environmentally friendly from the type of wood, glass or organic materials it was made with, to where it was made, to the working conditions of those who made it. An eco-gift can also be something that helps you to improve your local environment through energy saving, green gardening and wildlife conservation.




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Understanding Eco Symbols

Many of our gifts have more than one reason for being environmentally friendly. That's why we include special eco symbols on all of our product listings so that you know what makes them eco friendly. When you've found the perfect gift (for your friend, or you!) simply look for the 'Why am I eco?' section to see what makes your choice an eco-friendly one.

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