Our top 10 Eco Tips for Greener Living


1) Know what its costing you - Straight in an number 1, a smart meter. Find out how much each of your appliances is costing you with a Wattson Energy Meter. Displaying exactly what your energy consumption is costing you in pounds at that split moment, it is a real motivator to switch the unneeded appliances off.

2) Install One Click – Any gadget that is plug and save should be in your sustainable life, and there is none easier than One Click or Bye.Bye.Standby. Plug the appliances in, and when they're not in use it will disable the standby mode, but it’ll be right back with you when you need it. Say bye to the red light, for now anyway.

3) Waste less Water – Installing Save-A-Flush, Waterpebble or Shower timers are great ways to save water. Switching off the tap between filling up bottles, or brushing your teeth wil not only reduce the waterbill but also the environmental impacts. There are people dying due to a lack of clean water, so cut back where you can.

4) Insulate – With grants available from councils around the country, everybody should look into getting insulated. For new builds, there is a fantastic range of sustainable wood based fibre insulation available. Internal insulation such as draft excluders, curtains and insulating between floorboards is a simple way to keep the heat in, and the cold out this winter. Its reducing your carbon footprint, whilst saving you money.

5) Energy saving appliances – Almost all standard appliances have an environmentally friendly, energy saving alternative. So whether it’s the eco max power Panasonic hoover, the ecokettle or Kenwoods eco toaster, have a shop around before you by the shiniest, most over packaged appliance you can find on the high street.

6) Rechargeable batteries – Mercury and other hazardous toxins leach into the environment when batteries are crushed and broken down in landfill. One rechargeable battery can replace 300 single use batteries! It means less hazardous waste to landfill, and won’t have any impact on your living. In at number 6, the simple lifestyle change of rechargeable batteries.

7) Use what you need –  Being sustainable is all about protecting what we have for tomorrow, and there is no easier way to do this that to use just what you need. The simple ideas are often the best, so remember to turn the lights off when you leave the room, turn off the tap while your brush your teeth, and close the fridge door while you slosh the milk in your tea. Sustainable living is the future.

8) Light bulbs – To everyone who is still not using energy saving light bulbs, we ask you why?

7) Re-Gifting – Its estimated there is over £580,000,000 worth of unused presents sat in polite people’s homes in the UK alone. We nod, a cheeky smile and mutter the words ‘Yeah, I Like it’. One mans junk is another mans treasure, so wrap it, pop and bow on it, and pass it on (Just make sure you know who gave it to you in the first place).

8) Eco Holidaying – Where do you start with this one. With the fantastic range of holidays available in the UK, take a tent, and get stuck in at the coast or in the countryside. And if you feel like you need to venture abroad (maybe for the sun), there’s some fantastic ecotourism holidays at Responsible Travel. But remember, flying puts a massive stamp in your carbon footprint, so ensure you cut back in other areas to help offset it. Check out Carbon Neutral Calculator to view your annual carbon consumption.

9) Buy British – Not only does it support the British economy; it helps to protect the planet. Buying Strawberries from New Zealand, when they can be grown in your own back almost sounds ridiculous (and, in our eyes, it is). Reducing un-necessary air miles ensures CO2 levels remain constant, helping to slow the threat of Global Warming.

10) Buy eco gifts and recycled products – Buying ecogifts helps to educate others on the importance of being environmentally aware. Not only are they educational, they're innocent and look fantastic! And, we have a full range available right here.