Meet the Suppliers

Introducing some of our fantastic eco-friendly suppliers. These people make the website possible, providing us with some of the newest, freshest, and funkiest products you will find anywhere, all of whom have fantastic environmental credentials. You can read a little about them, or click through to their  own website.  Here is just a select few - some are far to top secret to reveal.


Fresh Cargo

Fresh Cargo are everything our suppliers want to be. They are ethical, recycled, and provide fantastic eco friendly present ideas. Their range varies from handbags made from juice cartons, to ethically made jewlerry, and our personal favourite, the green mill range of recycled magazine homewares. Paper bowls, mirrors, photo frames, tables and stools. Their items are colourful, smart and crying out to be picked up. They employ a team of staff in Indonesia who are paid above the minimum wage, provided a regular income, given healthcare and encouraged to develop their own ideas. Fresh Cargo are changing lives, and so are you if you choose to buy their products.

Tango Group Limited

Tango Group, the UK's leading Green, Eco Friendly, Alternative Energy product distributor, offering a whole host of fantastic eco friendly products. Their range include the stapeless stapler, H2O powered cars and solar panel products, so you can get charge wherever you are. Their brands include PowerPlus, Ecosavers, PURE, Ecozone, Horizon, Freeloader, and Power Monkey.  They only work with innovative ideas and concepts that have genuine Environmental benefits. Tango Group is constantly developing new products to add to its existing range of wind up radios, wind up torches, water powered products and solar powered range. They work closely with many alternative energy brands. We're currently top on their referrals list - i think that says it all?


Onya Bags

Onya make changing your behaviour easy. Onya’s focus is to reduce the impacts of disposable culture. At Onya they aim to develop innovative and practical solutions to reduce social and environmental impacts. They particularly want to focus on fighting disposable culture with simple ways to change behaviour from refuse to reuse.

The best way to address environmental problems is to make sure your solutions have exceptional appeal, innovation, style, convenience and practicality. They developed the highly successful Wrap-N-Mat reusable sandwich wrapper, and a whole range of eco friendly resusable drink bottles.



Big Hug

Don’t you just love snuggling up on a bean bag? We do, all thanks to Big Hug! Which is why they've created a range of designs to suit every home. Big Hug is the new, fun range of gorgeous indoor/outdoor bean bags – a great British brand, with eco-credentials too! Available in stunning array of colours and funky prints in fab shapes and sizes, the Big Hug is the ultimate bean bag range. Its not often you find fabrics still being made in the UK, but big hug is, made from partially recycled materials - can you sense our excitement? 'Cause we are! Drag it down the beach, sunbathe in the garden, or lounge on it while your playing the xbox.



Nether Wallop Trading

Nether Wallop Trading employs craftspeople in the U.K. and Europe manufacturing a selection of unusual, useful and well-made products. All our wooden goods are sourced from managed woodlands. We are especially interested in encouraging new and established gardeners and are of course disciples of sustainable living. Their unusual yet practical eco-concious products for the home are fantastic quality and made largely of FSC wood. They provide simple sustainable solutions, such as the aware winning and best selling paper potter. You can now make an endless supply of newspaper pots with the Nether Wallops Paper Potter.



Wattson Energy Meter

Its the kind of eco friendly energy saving gadget your Dad would absolutely love. Incredibly useful, a fantastic money saving device, all put together is a super stylish, beautifully crafted outer body. Its the sort of thing you'll never understand, unless you know what it does. Its sleek, its modern and the Wattson Energy Meter will help save you a fantastic amount of money.  The colour changing device makes saving money and energy super easier, and it'll make all your friends go 'ooo'.

Elvis & Kresse

When you're buying eco friendly products, you want something that shouts it loud. And nothing shouts it louder than Elvis & Kresse's (EAKOS) range of reclaimed fire hose products. Stitched into a whole host of practical presents, they make the fire hose washbag, firehose iphone case and firehose hangbags. Their formal yet casual all at the same time, whilst bursting with the desirable destressed look. And, their products are lined with sailing cloth or parachute silk. We personally love them, and we think you should also. They also donate 50% of their profits back into the fire service - these guys products are British through and through.

Practical Action 

Practical Action is a development charity with a difference. They know the simplest ideas can have the most profound, life-changing effect on poor people across the world. This is why, for over 40 years, they have been working closely with some of the world’s poorest people using simple technology to fight poverty and transform their lives for the better. Practical Action has a unique approach to development – they don't start with technology, but with people. The tools may be simple or sophisticated – but to provide long-term, appropriate and practical answers, they must be firmly in the hands of local people: people who shape technology and control it for themselves. You can buy a whole range of their sustainable Charity Gifts online today.

Wildlife World

Every garden should be full of wildlife homes, and inparticulair, ,every home should be full of wildllife homes by Wildlife World. They are bursting full of creative, practical and stylish wildlife products which help protect our British Wildlife. Their products are all handcrafted in the UK, by a team a team down in Manor Farm Barn. With environment implications at the forefront of their design, they construct their products out of sustainable FSC wood sources, the finishes they use are strictly water based and they love natural sea grass. They've made the Bempton Bird Feed Table, the Pollinating Bee Log, Frogitat and Hogitat. With a whole host of fresh ideas coming through, look out for the recycled teapot robin home.