Our Eco Symbols

You can now see exactly why each product is in our ecostore, with these brightly coloured keyboard keys. Each product will have atleast one, and some up to five of the keys. Since each product has to earn its place on Protect the Planets eco-friendly shelves, its only fair you see how and why its here.

Select the coloured button to find all the products which make up each environmentally friendly category.

Energy Saving
They help save heat, save electricity, save water, and best of all for you - save you money. Whether they increase your awareness, or improve your appliances efficiency it will help save you energy and reduce your carbon footprint.
Ethically Made
Our recycled glass lanterns, and mango wood products by Nkuku are ethically made in India by small ethical cooperatives. Our recycled magazine products and Betty & Betts books ensure people in the third world are not exploited, but offered a fair wage, a reliable income, healthcare, education etc. Buying ethically can change lives and communities.
Made of FSC Wood
 Set up in 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council was established to maintain the responsible use of the worlds forest. Buying FSC wood ensures you buy from sustainable sources. Planting down a mature tree, and replacing it with a sapling isn't sustainable - several trees are therefore planted for each tree cut down. Buy FSC and protect the worlds forests.
Made in the UK
If its made in the UK, you can rest assured on its quality - the best of British. We have a whole host of wildlife homes which are made in the UK, along with some fantastic oversized beanbags which are made of fabric, in the UK. Its not often you find UK fabrics, but when you do, you know its going to be good.
Organic  100% Natural. Whether its the cotton cover on our Betty & Betts flip notebooks, or the vegetable rocket gardens - there is nothing that'll do you any harm.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. We all know it, we've had it drilled down our necks for the past decade. Jack Johnson even sang a song about it. Our yellow key helps you identify all the products that achieve this - whether it is made from recycled materials, resuable, or help you reduce your current consumption. Its our most popular key.



All our charity gifts are sustainable. They help you enjoy today, whilst protecting for the future generations. The statinless steel reusable drinks bottle is a sustainable solutions to the highly polluting, throw away plastic water bottle.


Much of the Great British wildlife is under threat due to a loss of habitat or predation. Our range of wildlife homes are designed to give the birds, insects and small mammals the best chance of survival. So whether its a wildlife home, some extra tasty bird feed, or an array of fresh flowers for the bees, you can rest assured its protecting the wildlife out there.


Follow the guide. Protect the Planet.