Business Spotight: Moonie

Wednesday, 20 October 2021  |  Admin

We were lucky to chat with Kia, one half of the mother-daughter duo behind Dorset based Moonie, a company we are proud to work with.

Moonie are an eco-friendly business based in Weymouth, Dorset who handcraft a range of sustainable swaps to enable you to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle without breaking the bank. Their products don’t only focus on waste free bathroom swaps, such as their reusable Nail Varnish Remover Pads, but also into the kitchen with their Dish Washing Soap Bar made of natural ingredients and their wooden Pot Brush.


How did it all begin with Moonie?

The idea to start an eco-business came to us over 8 years ago. We were overwhelmed by all the plastic items in our everyday lives and found it very difficult to source eco-friendly products which were affordable. Our struggle inspired us to design and make our first product, The Muslin Cleansing Cloth, which was created as an alternative to single-use makeup wipes. The rest is history!


Where did the name Moonie come from?

The first product we designed, The Muslin Cleansing Cloth, is a large, round circle and resembles a full moon. My nickname as a child was also Moon Face so Moonie felt like a good fit!


If you had to choose (which we know will be difficult!), which of your products is your personal favourite?

Ditching single-use products brings us so much joy! Our favourite swap is our most-used product – Ultra-Soft Reusable Cotton Pads. Simply use these with your favourite toner/makeup remover and pop in the washing machine when done.

They are also our best seller – Such an easy and simple swap, once you’ve tried them you’ll wish you made the switch years ago!


How does Moonie aim to protect the planet?

Our aim is to make eco-friendly options more affordable, accessible and attainable. This is something we’re so passionate about and is at the heart of everything we create.


What’s your favourite thing about running Moonie?

We’re really proud of the positive impact we are having and the change for good we are making. It makes our day to see people using and loving our products. When customers buy our products and tag us in their photos it gives us a real sense of purpose and makes us so happy that we are proactively helping people make those sustainable swaps.


What is it like being based in Weymouth? Are there many eco businesses based locally to you?

When you live by the coast it’s very natural to live a sustainable lifestyle because you’re so aware of the plastic pollution and litter on the beach. There are lots of great local businesses in Dorset who focus on sustainability. A few of our favourites include the Dorset Scrap Store, Bad Hand Coffee and all the local refill shops.


For someone that is starting our with a more eco-conscious lifestyle, what tops would you give them?

Start with small, simple swaps such as replacing your toothbrush with a wooden one. At the start of your journey you can feel overwhelmed but it’s important to remember it’s the small steps that can make a huge difference.


What would you like to see happening for Moonie in the future?

We are working hard to ensure even more people discover our eco-friendly products and that sustainable options become more accessible. We want to help educate others that sustainability should be a top priority through inspiring content and ethical products. We are full of hope that together we can rise to the challenge.


To shop Moonie’s range, including their Zero Waste Starter Pack, Nail Varnish Remover Pads and more, head to our website.