Pure Pulse Eco Shower

Pure Pulse Eco Shower

Water saving shower head by Pulse Eco Shower

Pure Pulse uses a "smart technology" which increases the pulse effect as the water pressure increases. In this way you need only unscrew your existing shower head, replace with Pure Pulse and you will achieve hot water/energy savings of between 40 and 60%.
Pure Pulse can be used in all systems including most electric shower units. Only systems with very low pressure are unlikely to reach the required level of 0.5bar. 
NB.  Most electric showers already have an eco friendly low flow rate, therefore here the advantages lies in the lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging.
  • Lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging.
  • A sensational showering experience.
  • 1/2" outer thread and suitable for all hoses and cradles.
  • Variable spray settings.
  • Unique hygiene control properties ( Scientifically proven from the Questor Research Centre ).
  • 40-60% savings on hot water/energy
Previously known as the Nordic Eco Shower, we are proud to bring you the latest Pulse Eco Shower head.


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