Eco-Friendly Businesses (That want a slice of our pie!)

   Practical Action - Technology challenging poverty. A charity which works with communities to develop sustainable technologies

   Greenpeace - Environmental activist network, who are passionate about protecting the earth.

   The Woodland Trust - The UKs leading Woodland Conservation Charity. Donate and help them plant trees and offset carbon dioxide.

   Lonely Planet - Travel books and travel guides to some of the worlds most beautiful and fascinating places.

   Responsible Travel - Hundreds of specialist, ,eco friendly holidays which you can enjoy without feeling guilty about.

   National Geographic - Inspiring people to care about the planet through articles and photographs.

   Canopy & Stars - Luxury camping & glamping holidays, so you can enjoy the great outdoors - from Yurts to Treehouses

   National Trust - They protect special places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for ever, for everyone

   UKAware - The UK's number 1 Green and Ethical lifestyle show.

   Green Energy - Ecotricity is the UK's first green energy company. How green is your electricity company?

   Host Papa - Taken the initiative to "go green" by purchasing 100% green renewable energy to power our data centres, offices and more!

   Guardian Envrionment - Keep up to date with the latest environmental news stories hitting every face of the globe.

   Liftshare - The worlds first and best, car share, journey share system. Reduce your CO2 by lift sharing to work.

   Energy Saving Trust - The UK's leading impartial organisation helping people to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

   The Big Eco Directory - The best in eco-friendly and green websites. 

   All Things Eco - An online eco/green directory

   Greening England - Eco Shop with 1000's of organic & eco friendly products. Eco gadgets, energy saving gadgets & eco homewares

   Go Green Directory - Online directory of environmentally friendlier products.

   Guide Me Green - Online Business platform promoting green businesses and brands. 

   Eco Street - Green businesses divided through a selection of easy to use, lifestyle catagories. 

   Mini Eco - Mini Eco provides a fantastic range of creative ideas which will keep the children busy during school holidays and rainy days. 

  Reusable Nappies - More pant fill, less land fill with these fantastic eco-friendly, resuable nappies. 

   The Good Web Guide -  The definitive guide to life online. Reviewing everything you could every wish for.

   Daisy Hill - Eco-Friendly boutique specialising in ethical & eco friendly clothing 

   Compare & Share - Compare & Share offers car sharing and car pooling options. 

   The Wildflower Patch - Native flora for your fauna.