Why we love Elvis and Kresse!

Thursday, 1 December 2016  |  Admin

We love so many of the product that we sell that it is hard to pick our favourites. But, if we are talking in style stakes, then the Elvis and Kresse collection is hard to beat. 

Who are they?

A UK based company, the Elvis and Kresse story began in 2005 with a love at first meeting with London Fire Brigades decommissioned fire-hoses. Rather than seeing something to discard into a landfill, the creators behind Elvis and Kresse saw a chance to give these old fire-hoses a new lease of life. 

One of the main aims, not to mention the driving force behind, Elvis and Kresse is to make sure that we limit the amount that is sent to the landfill sites. Maybe even have a world where we all recycle and compost everything. 

That is why they take a variety of materials that would otherwise languish on a pile somewhere in the world and turn them into something beautiful.  Some of the materials that Elvis and Kresse have made their amazing products, and their packaging from include: 

•    Parachute Silk
•    Printing Blankets 
•    Leather offcuts 
•    Coffee sacks
•    Shoe boxes
•    Tea sacks 
•    Auction banners

They seem to be making headway in achieving their dream. Since the birth of their business they have managed to rescue 165 tonnes of materials from ending up at a landfill site. A pretty impressive achievement. 
What do they make?

You can see some of the amazing products that Elvis & Kresse create on our website. The range includes gifts that are ideal for both men and women.

This includes:

•    Tote bags
•    Belts
•    Purses
•    Cardholders
•    Laptop case
•    Washbag
•    Cufflinks
•    Bowling bag
•    iPhone cases

Each and every one is made from reclaimed materials. But this doesn’t take away from the style, elegance and design of them. By choosing to buy an Elvis & Kresse product, you are helping the creators to achieve their dream. Not only this, but you are also doing your part to make sure that those landfills are a little less full. 

If you are really struggling to find a stylish, unique and eco-friendly gift for someone special, then we recommend that you take a look at the amazing Elvis and Kresse products that we have available in our store.

Whether it is a new belt, handbag or purse that you are after. Having something made from recycled firehose is not only utterly cool, but is completely eco-friendly too!