Why seeds make a great Christmas present

Monday, 16 November 2015  |  Admin

Christmas presents are always hard to buy for most people, partly because you don't know how much to spend, largely because you're not sure what they might want. In the end we usually go for something standard and safe, yet sometimes branching out with unusual eco gifts can yield a few nice surprises.

Although it's an option you've probably never considered before - it certainly isn't traditional - if you're looking for some cheap, alternative green gifts for this festive period, seeds can throw up a lot of benefits and perks you otherwise wouldn't expect. Here are a few reasons why.

1. They give you a project to focus on

Whereas many presents will get used once or never before being shoved into the back of the loft, with seeds you certainly get the most out of them. From first planting them in the soil to the final withering leaves, this will be a project with longevity and give you something to focus your mind on over the coming months. Although this instantly seems like an ideal commodity for a lonely elderly person, it can also be useful for younger students or professionals who need to take their mind off exams and work every now and again.

2. Grow a connection

It sounds corny, but you do genuinely grow close to your plant as it grows itself. Having spent so much time nurturing and looking after it, you become very protective of it when others are around and want to check at the end of every day to see how it's coming along. As a result, when it reaches its full extent you feel a sense of pride in your grown-up, leafy child. It's hard to think of another present you could give that would enable such a connection to be forged.

3. Good for your health

Aside from having extra greenery pumping oxygen into the house, taking a seed from its initial stages through to a fully-fledged plant can have other less expected benefits for your health. The relaxing nature of watering, the green colours, the fresh smell; all this helps calm the senses, providing a small relief for nerves and anxieties. As a means of distracting the mind from its worries, tending to plant life is unrivalled.