Upcycle your eggs this Easter

Wednesday, 10 February 2016  |  Admin

Epicycle your eggs this Easter!

Egg shell planters

Get started early on these for maximum effect. Serving a double eco purpose, you can turn an egg shell into a miniature plant pot. Save up as many egg shells from your boiled breakfast eggs as possible. The best shells will be the ones with only the top taken off. Much better for the environment than a plastic plant pot or seed tray, all you need is your leftover egg shell, a couple of pinches of soil or compost per shell, an egg box or tray, and some seeds. Add a couple of teaspoons of soil to each egg shell and pop a single seed into each one. Leave them somewhere they’ll get light, and gently water them until the plants start to grow. By the time Easter comes, you’ll have a wonderful home grown centrepiece for your table. Bonus points if you choose to plant seeds to grow fruit and vegetable plants.

Egg carton fairy light surrounds

Turn a plain string of fairy lights into something a little more exotic by cutting the cups out of an egg box, and painting or decorating them. It's super easy and something the kids can help with. If you’re handy with a pair of scissors, slot a couple together and fan the sides out to create flower petals. Punch a hole in the base to poke your fairy light bulb through, and enjoy the spring themed decorations.

Egg carton animals

Bunnies or chicks – your choice! Another fun craft you can do with the kids, you could even vary the animals you make if you’re feeling creative. Cut the cups out of an egg box, paint them in pretty pastel colours and leave them to dry. Stack the two together, with the wide edges touching to create the basic body shape. Add the body parts for your chosen animal – a small folded diamond shape for a chick’s beak or two floppy ears and a fluffy tail for a bunny, and two beady eyes. You can either glue the two halves together, or make a hinge with a small piece of tape and pop some little treats inside.

Who knows – maybe the Easter bunny will be so impressed with your crafting achievements that you’ll get an extra egg or two for yourself?