Top tips for making your office greener for 2016!

Sunday, 3 January 2016  |  Admin

Many of us are great at being environmentally conscious at home: we are meticulous in sorting our recycling, we use eco-friendly bulbs in our lights and we make green choices when shopping for food and clothing. In the workplace, however, when the demands of the job are our top priority, it can be a struggle to remain environmentally focused. Yet, whether you're the boss, the office temp or the tea-lady, there are a number of practical things you can do to protect the planet, save energy and save money in the process!

1). Reduce energy:

How many offices and workplaces turn on their heating in October, whatever the actual weather outside? As well as being unnecessary, wasteful and expensive, artificially heating up the office without need provides a prime environment for winter bugs to multiply so only switch it on if it's needed. If it is nippy outside, turning the thermostat down by just 1 degree can slash your energy bills by 10% per year. Rather than switching on the air-con in the summer, try opening windows instead. Leaving computers on standby and other equipment on overnight is something many of us are guilty of but by energy saving and turning them off, the annual bills can again be reduced significantly.

2). Reduce and Re-use:

Envelopes and cardboard boxes can easily be reused by labelling over the previous addressee. Switch your printer to double-side by default and consider what supplies you actually need before ordering more: there are usually a wealth of pens and staplers hidden in desk drawers!

3). Dispose of waste properly and allow recycling:

Keep the workplace organised properly and this will allow workers to "think green" more easily. Provide recycling containers for paper, plastics and compost bins for food waste and place a tray near the printer so that any wasted paper can be reused for notes.

4). Buy green supplies:

Make environmentally friendly decisions when buying supplies for the office: there is a huge green range out there. From recycled notepads and biodegradable rulers, to sustainable pencils and crayons made from sustainable wood sources, there really is no excuse not to green up your workplace in 2016. Have a look at our selection at We even offer bamboo-made desk organisers, pens made from peas and a whole host of other stationary that protects the planet and looks great!