Summer Project: Kids Get Involved in Stopping Climate Change

Saturday, 3 September 2016  |  Admin

Summer Project: Kids Get Involved in Stopping Climate Change

Have you spent the summer thinking of ways to spend more time together with your kids? There are still a few weeks left to squeeze in one more fun summer activity, and this one is educational, too! Teaching kids about climate change—and the importance of stopping it—is a great way to instill a passion for the environment in your kids.

Why is talking about climate change so important? Many parents may think their kids are too young to learn about such a scary and complex concept, but the truth is, the earlier kids get involved in stopping it, the better. Scientists believe there is still time to limit climate change to only 2 degrees Celsius, so to make this a reality, kids have to get on board. After all, one day this will be their planet to take care of, so why not start now?


Make learning about climate change fun.

Don’t scare kids off by lecturing them about the difficult concepts involved in climate change. Instead, find a way to demonstrate what climate change is in a way they can understand—with a science experiment!

Find an old aquarium tank and bring it out into your backyard on a hot, sunny day. Place the tank upside down in the grass, and put a thermometer on the inside and outside of it. Watch with your kids to see how the temperatures rise at different rates as the day progresses. Then, explain to kids that this is what is happening to the Earth, too. Gases are becoming trapped in the atmosphere and causing the planet to heat up, just like heat is trapped inside the aquarium. When you take the time to show kids what climate change is in this way, they will definitely get the picture.


Download an app.

If your kids are younger, download the Bert Saves the Earth app to help them learn about how they can save the environment by making small changes in their everyday lives. Instead of trying to confuse kids with complicated explanations of why recycling and conserving energy is important, this app makes it very simple. For example, the app explains how kids should save water to make sure horses and other animals have something to drink. This helps you show kids how easy it is to do their part to help the rest of the world.


Teach them sustainability.

Future generations will have to live more sustainably in the future, so prepare kids now. Lead by example by riding your bike or walking to get around town instead of driving your car when you are only going a short distance. Plant a garden in your backyard and help kids pick which seeds they want to grow. This shows them food does not need to come from the grocery store if you take the time to nurture the Earth and grow it on your own. The more you can teach them at a young age, the greater impact it will have on the rest of their lives.

Even though climate change doesn’t seem like a kid-friendly topic, there’s no time left to spare. It’s never too early to teach kids what they can do to improve the world around them!