Put a pillow in your chimney for lower heating bills

Wednesday, 14 October 2015  |  Admin

Everyone knows that a chimney is a route to the outside world. That means when your fireplace isn’t lit, it’s leaking warmth constantly.

It’s one of those facts of life we have come to accept, but we don’t have to. There’s an ingenious creation, an inflatable pillow - also known as a Chimney Balloon - that seals off unused chimneys to help retain as much warm air in your house as possible.

A chimney relies on convection to draw heat out; it’s a clever scientific principle that helps draw smoke and other associated baddies away from the fire itself, while keeping a steady airflow through the embers and maintaining your fire. When the fire is out, though, convection does not go away and the difference in temperature between the cold air outside and the warmth inside your house means there’s a steady stream of heat loss. 

Essentially a chimney is a hole in your house and you wouldn't leave a hole in your wall unattended because you'd know that it would be a constant source of heat loss. A hole in the roof, though, is something we just tend to forget about.

A chimney that constantly sucks out warm air means you'll have to heat your home more often, or you’ll simply have to put up with being cold. But inserting the tough chimney pillow means your house will suddenly become a great deal warmer when the fire isn’t on. It’s the best kind of science, because it is so simply done and it really is a plug for your chimney. 

If you want to light the fire, just deflate the chimney pillow and remove it, and replace it after the fire has completely died down. From the moment it's installed you’ll save money on your heating bills and your house will feel warmer than you ever thought possible, even without a roaring fire. 

The simplest things are often the best; an energy saving plug for your chimney will make a major difference to your home, so order yours today and get ready to feel it.