New Arrival: ​All about Kabloom Seedboms!

Sunday, 6 November 2016  |  Admin

Have you ever heard of Guerilla Gardening? If you haven’t then the Kabloom Seedboms are about to blow your mind! 

The world of Seedboms and Guerilla Gardening
Seedboms have been around for some time, known as seed balls, they were designed as a way to bring flowers and crops to areas that are difficult to reach or difficult to grow in.  They are a compressed ball of soil that contains a number of different seeds, ready to be thrown into an area, bombing it, ready to grow. Guerilla Gardening goes hand in hand with the idea of Seedboms.

The idea of Guerilla Gardening is that a group, organisation or individual gardens without permission, whilst this may sound like a bad thing, the areas that they target are abandoned, unloved and outright dismal patches of land that really can benefit from a green fingered touch. It often is used in neighbourhoods that need to be improved and not only brings them to life, but also adds splashes of colour too.

Kabloom Seedboms
Fancy yourself as a bit of a Guerilla Gardener? Or know someone who does? If you do, then Kabloom Seedboms may just be the answer that you are looking for.  They have created a range of different Seedboms that not only are great to bring colour and beauty to an area, but are also made from a variety of reclaimed and recycled materials too. They even contain organic compost, coir and flower seeds! The perfect eco package. The Kabloom Seedboms contain a variety of different seeds.

They are often locally sourced wildflower seeds and many of the Seedboms contain Cornflower, Forget-me-not, Wild Thyme and Wild Basil. They are designed to be mostly used between April and June, but there are some varieties of seeds that can be used in both March and October, but we recommend that you read through the Kabloom guide page to see when the right time of year is for your Seedbom!

Protect the Planet now stocking Kabloom Seedboms
Now you know more about Kabloom Seedboms, you can understand why we are proud to stock a number of different Kabloom Seedboms on our website.
We have a number of different Kabloom Seedboms in stock and we think that they make for the ideal present, especially for Christmas Stockings or Secret Santa. 

The Lovebom Seedbom contains lots of Forget-me-nots, the sign of love; perfect for those areas that need a touch of love and care. The Beebom Seedbom is a Seedbom designed to attract bees to the area and we also have the Urban Bloomer Seedbom which is perfect for adding colour to an urban area!  So, if you are looking for a great gift for Christmas or any other event, why not throw a grenade into the works and buy the Kabloom Seedbom? Here at Protect the Planet we think they are not only great fun, but they are also perfect for the environment too!