Make Protect the Planet part of your company brand

Monday, 21 September 2015  |  Admin

Many employers know the importance of having a great brand image. Creative industries use their office space to show how innovative and talented they are whilst high end financial companies use swish design to display their business acumen and success to visitors. These are the outward symbols of the values and lifestyle choices a company holds dear, the message a prospective employee and potential customer will take in as soon as they enter the office. So, if you are an employer, what sort of message do you want to send out? Isn’t it time to nail your green credentials to the mast and make this message one that you take pride in and display proudly alongside your industry specific awards and prizes? 

Creating an eco-friendly workspace is easier than you think and the resulting energy savings will be a welcome bonus. You can start quite simply with a company-wide ‘power down’ at the close of business every day. Ask that everyone shuts down all non-essential equipment (things like switching off PC monitors and copiers) in order to save energy. A computer standby button will help people remember to save energy when they leave their desks ( A small habit that will help people focus on all the other things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Plastic coffee cups? What does this say about a company? Cheap, disposable and unconcerned about the future. Make sure your outward message of one of sustainability and environmental awareness. Get some personalised mugs made for your staff, not only a great ‘welcome to the company’ gift for new starters, also a cunning way to name and shame the people who don’t clear up after themselves! 

And on the subject of coffee, and indeed all the food and drink you serve, make it Fair Trade, organic and (where possible) locally sourced. Recycle everything you can and install a composter in the kitchen for tea bags and organic waste (

Encourage initiatives that promote leaving the car at home. This could include starting a ‘cycle-to-work’ scheme, or simply allowing flexibility to allow employees to work around hours that fit with local bus and train timetables. Check out our range of eco-friendly gifts to find the perfect reward for the employee who makes the most positive changes to their work journey!

Go paper free. An initiative that is often attempted but is quite difficult to achieve. Good tech support is key, making sure that your staff have lightweight laptops and tablets that can store meeting papers and be used to take notes when out and about. Our cork laptop sleeve is a quirky talking point in the meeting room and an excellent lightweight protector for laptops of 13” and 15” sizes ( 

Complete your eco-friendly office space with some stylish desk accessories in sustainable golden bamboo. Elegant and beautifully tactile, make your eco-friendly office space as delightful on the eye as it is for planet ( Make sure the image your company sends out is one that promotes sustainability, environmental awareness and a low carbon lifestyle; it's a great message for your brand.