Is your morning grooming routine eco-friendly?

Tuesday, 16 February 2016  |  Admin

Is your morning grooming routine eco-friendly?

Our morning grooming habits are often so ingrained in our daily routines that they become automatic. From brushing our teeth to applying make-up, our morning routine is the foundation on which the day ahead of us rests. However, this familiarity can make it difficult to look at our routines with a fresh perspective. 

In the rest of our lives we might strive to embody sustainable living as much as we can - choosing to use public transport to get to work for example, or eating organic local produce for lunch and committing to an energy saving two-minute shower. Yet somehow we rarely extend this same attitude to our morning grooming routine. This is a shame as by making small changes and swapping some of our favourite products for natural alternatives, we can move even closer to living a sustainable, low carbon lifestyle. 

For example, those exfoliating face washes with the tiny plastic micro-beads - did you know that the sheer quantity of micro-beads washing down the drains globally is polluting the ocean on an enormous scale? By simply swapping to a natural alternative like a sugar scrub you can help reduce marine pollution while smelling delicious! 

Similarly, most moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners and deodorants are packed full of toxic parabens and sulfates that are doing long-term damage to the environment. Fortunately there has been a huge surge in public interest in natural alternatives in recent years, and technological advancements mean that we don't have to sacrifice on consumer experience when choosing environmentally friendly grooming products. Many eco products smell, feel and look as good as their synthetic counterparts, plus we get the added feel-good factor of knowing we are helping to protect the planet.

Additionally we can rest easy knowing that whatever is good for the environment is good for us too. The synthetic chemicals found in most high-street grooming products are just as toxic to the human body as they are to the planet.

By making small changes to our daily grooming routines and swapping toxic products for natural alternatives we can make a big difference to the health of the planet. What a way to start the day!