How to have an eco-friendly Halloween!

Friday, 7 October 2016  |  Admin

We love Halloween here at Protect the Planet; I mean, what isn’t to love? It’s the chance to indulge yourself in more than just a few sweet treats, not to mention expressing your inner ghoul by dressing up! It’s an event in our calendars that is sure to make us smile.

But, just because you are enjoying Halloween, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be eco-friendly too. Here to help, we have put together our top tips on how to have an eco-friendly Halloween!

Have a costume swap
It may not be suitable for this year, but we think that a costume swap is a great idea for you to plan in next year. This is particularly useful for those with kids, where you may find that they quickly outgrow the costumes that fit them just perfectly last year. Get your friends together, all bring your dis-carded costumes and see if you can’t make a little swap. Not only is it stopping those costumes ending up on a landfill, but it is also a great way to get together and be a little social! 

Re-use, Re-use
With the availability (not to mention cheapness) of some Halloween decorations and accessories out there, the temptation is to simply throw away and replace last year’s decorations. However, that could be causing you to waste perfectly good items. Make sure you keep the trick or treat bags that the kids have used and stockpile your decorations. Not only will you love finding your most treasured giant spider from last year, but you will also be saving yourself money too!

Don’t throw away your pumpkin leftovers
Carving a pumpkin is great fun, but the majority of us then throw away the inside flesh and seeds that we dig out. This is a waste; especially when you can use the flesh to make some pretty awesome foods, as well as roast the seeds to snack on later. Here is a great recipe for cooking with pumpkin. If the idea of eating pumpkin isn’t floating your Halloween boat, then make sure you put any of the remains on your compost heap. 

Use solar lights
If you are planning to hold a Halloween party, then you may find that guests spill out in the garden, meaning that you may want to light up the garden. Why not go for an eco-friendly lighting source with solar power? These are lights that you can leave out in the garden during the daylight hours and make sure they are ready to light up the garden for you. Here at Protect the Planet, we may not have Halloween themed lights but we think that these outdoor party ball lights are great for any party, meaning that you can use them time and time again. 

So, let your hair down and enjoy the spooktaculiar spook-fest that is Halloween!