How to buy a sustainable housewarming gift

Tuesday, 10 November 2015  |  Admin

There’s no denying that we live in a rather materialistic culture, and this often becomes the core of gift giving occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and rites of passage such as moving into a new home. As the need to cut down on consumption becomes increasingly obvious, however, the tradition of presenting new homeowners with a housewarming gift need not disappear. Whether you’re looking to blow your budget on a gift, or are searching for a token present, we have some ideas which we’re sure people living in new homes will love.

A throw is always a great present, and makes a particularly wonderful housewarming gift as the mercury drops. Our cotton throws by NKUKU are ideal, as their muted tones will suit any colour scheme, meaning that even if the new home in question has not yet been painted, they’ll fit right in. Plus, a good quality throw offers the additional bonus of saving energy, and can contribute to a low carbon lifestyle.

Recycled products made from glass are always a favourite, and it’s little wonder – there’s so much choice! Is the new home owner a fan of Corona? If so, consider getting them glasses made from recycled Corona bottles. More of a wine connoisseur? Why not get them an exceptionally classy green or clear dish made from a recycled wine bottle? There are a range of other options available, ensuring that we have gifts to suit all tastes.

If you’re buying for someone who works from home, or who has expressed the desire to have a study in their new house, why not get them a functional but stylish desk tidy? We have some gorgeous desk organisers crafted from sustainable bamboo wood. 

Does the new house come with a garden? If so, that gives you a range of other gift ideas to choose from. Bird feeders are always a great choice – there are some really beautiful ones available, and one can never have too many of them!

While candles and plants are staples of the housewarming gift repertoire, we recommend that you consider other options. Choose a thoughtful present, and it’s more likely to get used, less likely to find its way into the bin, and more in keeping with the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mantra.