​How much energy does your tumble dryer use?

Sunday, 6 November 2016  |  Admin

There are some appliances found in our homes that we feel like we really can’t live without. High up on our list has to be the kettle (mainly because no-one can function without a nice cup of tea) but for some people the tumble dryer has become a go to aid! 

Whilst there is no doubt that being able to dry your clothes quickly and have lovely fluffy towels is amazing, what is not quite so great is the cost that is associated to running a tumble dryer.
As far as appliances go, they come quite high on the energy usage rating. 

How much energy does a tumble dryer use?
It is estimated that if you use your tumble dryer for just 1 hour per week then you will be using around 2.5kWh. This can cost around 45p every week. However, many families need to use their tumble dryers much more often and the more that you use your tumble dryer then the more that you will be paying out for it. 

Can you cut down how much energy your tumble dryer uses?
One of the simplest ways to cut down the energy that your tumble dryer uses is to simply find other ways to dry your clothes. Indoor drying racks are ideal, these can be placed in an unused room, with an open window and even in the winter, you will find that your clothes will dry. 

Also, even during the winter, you can hang your clothes outside, you will need to be careful to avoid rainy days and be aware that you will need to bring the clothes in during the evening.

Saving energy with ecozone tumble dryer balls
If you do have to use your tumble dryer, then there are ways that you can cut down on the amount of energy that it uses. One example of this are tumble dryer balls. Tumble dryer balls are a product that are designed to not only cut down on the time that you have to dry your clothes, but also help your laundry look better too. Rather than use fabric softener, these textured balls will soften the clothes as they drive, lifting and separating them, stopping them from creasing and making it easier for them to be ironed.

Some tumble dryer balls are also designed to heat up themselves, which further helps to dry the clothes. 
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