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Sunday, 6 November 2016  |  Admin

Here at Protect the Planet we have a variety of different eco-friendly products on offer throughout our website. Whether it is homewares, gifts or just things to make your life easier; we believe that there is a way to do that whilst still remaining eco-friendly. 

Your garden is one part of your home that can benefit from a touch of eco-friendliness and none more so than a wormery. But what is so good about a wormery and why should you definitely have one in your garden?

What is a wormery?
A wormery is a form of composting that relies on worms to process the waste food from your kitchen. They usually come with 2 compartments, the lower one which collects the liquid produced and the upper one which is where the worms live, work and all the kitchen waste is placed.

It is important that you only use manure, red or tiger worms. Common earth worms are not suitable for composting; you need worms that live in decaying organic matter.

Where to put your wormery
If you want to set up a wormery in your garden, then it is relatively easy. Especially if you buy a kit from somewhere just like us here at Protect The Planet, where you will receive the majority of things that you need. Here are some of the top tips when you are thinking about where to place your wormery.

      •    Worms prefer to be in warm and moist conditions. Ideally this is between 18 and 25 ºC. 
      •    If the temperature drops below 10ºC or above 30ºC then the activity levels of your worms will             decrease.
      •    You should try to keep your worms in a sheltered area of the garden or a shed, as these are places             that receive a more consistent level of temperature. 
      •    Worms like to have well-ventilated conditions and really hate being in waterlogged soil, which             restrict their air supply. 
      •    Wormerys can be smelly, especially when you are adding your waste food, so bear this in mind             when you are putting it close to your home.

How to set up your wormery
Once you know where your worms are going to live it is time to make them a cosy home so that they can get composting. The first thing to do is pop a layer of moist bedding material in the container where they will be living, we recommend old compost. This layer will create a humid environment where the worms can burrow and live. Next you will need to add the worms. Remember, don’t use standard earthworms as they will not be able to compost. 

You should cover the worms with around an 8cm layer of kitchen waste and then leave them alone for a week or so, letting them get used to their new environment.  

Feeding your worms
We suggest that you feed your worms small amounts at a time, this means that they can process the waste faster. You should try to chop it up as small as possible, making it easier for them to digest. Some of the foods that worms really love include: 

      •    Raw vegetables (apart from onions, shallots, garlic and leeks)
      •    Any cooked vegetables
      •    All fruit (cook any citrus peels before placing in the wormery)
      •    Tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells
      •    Small amounts of bread, newspaper and garden waste

You should never add dairy products, grease, meat, fish or bones to your wormery. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016  |  Admin
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