Good things can grow, even in the worst conditions

Sunday, 6 September 2015  |  Admin

As autumn approaches, gardeners in the UK are looking forward to the natural bounty of their labours – a good harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables. They're busy too, clearing out summer’s beds in preparation for planting their winter produce before the rainy days come.

Gardens in many parts of the UK, surprisingly, can successfully grow winter vegetables despite the rainy conditions, and today it’s even possible to purchase an instant kitchen garden containing a range of colourful, edible plants that are ideal for growing on your patio or decking in containers or pots. These instant gardens are a brilliant, eco-friendly gift idea for someone who loves environmentally friendly products.

The complete patio winter garden kit will cover approx. eight square meters, so it's ideal too for small vegetable gardens. It contains more than 130 baby plants all sourced from organic seed suppliers and grown in biodegradable pots.

Another wonderful eco-friendly gardening gifts idea that could actually save a family and provide them with a sustainable living is the green gift of a floating garden that’s available from Protect the Planet, for families in Bangladesh. The practice of creating floating gardens is so successful, that just this week, the Bangladesh government announced that they're working together with the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN to declare this environmentally sustainable practice an Agricultural Heritage of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh experiences a two-month long rainy season and has 230 unstable rivers running through it, meaning much of the land is waterlogged. However, Bangladesh has a tradition for floating gardens that has lasted for hundreds of years in its low lying areas, but now many more families in other parts of the country need to learn how to create a floating garden to grow the vegetables they need to survive. Bangladeshi gardeners can collect locally sourced water hyacinth and use it to construct their rafts then layer it with bamboo sticks. A floating garden is a natural alternative to a land garden and makes for a wonderful gift.