Get children involved with sustainable living

Sunday, 6 March 2016  |  Admin

Get children involved with sustainable living.

It's a well-known fact that the younger you instil ideas into children, the quicker they catch on, and the more likely they'll adopt these as a way of life when they get older. With recycling and energy saving such pressing issues today, teaching youngsters about the environment is a great way to ensure they practise sustainable living in the future.

There are lots of ways you can get the kids involved to start thinking and acting green from an early age. Simple things such as encouraging them to turn lights, taps and sockets off when not in use can make them see the benefits of preserving our scarce natural resources.

When you go shopping, teach youngsters about where food comes from, and how buying locally and choosing eco products helps the environment. Even better, get them involved with growing their own food in the garden or in a few pots on the kitchen windowsill. This can be incredibly fun for youngsters, and is a great way to boost their health and their understanding of nature. You can even buy special packets of seeds for children, which also make ideal green gifts.

Encourage children to take an interest in wildlife, and teach them why it is beneficial to have insects and birds coming into our gardens. Hang up a bird feeder or a bughouse and get youngsters to make a chart to count the different species that visit your garden. A cardboard bird box that you can assemble together is also a fun craft activity that youngsters will enjoy putting up outdoors.

Most children enjoy using paper for drawing, writing stories, making paper aeroplanes or other art activities, but try to teach youngsters to be mindful of wasting paper, and to always recycle it. Keep a box of scrap paper near their desk so they can add sheets that have only been used on one side, for example, so can be used for other activities again. Teach children about recycling - they'll be fascinated to discover that their recycled pencils or paper were once other products in a past life.