Four simple new year's resolutions to help protect the planet in 2016

Tuesday, 29 December 2015  |  Admin

It’s that time of year again – a chance for a fresh start and a new attitude. Sadly, some well-meant resolutions barely last through the first week of January! Here at Protect The Planet, we thought we’d offer a few that can be put into practice quite simply, to ensure that your good intentions are still in place when the old guy with the red coat starts gearing up for next year’s festive season. Here goes...

• I won’t spend an age in the shower simply wasting water while I sing tunelessly

A simple way to take swifter showers is to use a shower timer. Just like an egg timer, turn it over each time you step in and make sure you're done and dusted – or washed and cleansed – five minutes later when the sands of time have run out.

• If I can’t limit my shower time, I’ll make sure my music is water-powered

OK, for some folk, five minutes just won’t do. They like to be entertained while showering. If this is you, a water-powered shower radio, one that fits all models of shower and is powered simply by the water pressure, will make sure you do your environmental bit as you sashay or sway to your favourite music.

• I’ll make sure my radiators aren’t annoying little bleeders

It can be time consuming and messy to bleed your radiators on a regular basis. If you don’t, then they’ll slowly become less efficient than you’d want, and your room will take more time to warm and become cosy. A simple answer is to fit automatic radiator bleeders, helping to prevent those pockets of air that keep you shivering for longer.

• I'll keep the cold out and the heat inside

A couple of simple ways to work on the cosiness coefficient in your home. Firstly, consider your letter box. Many weren’t fitted with winds and draughts in mind, but an eco-friendly replacement fits virtually any door. Then look around for other areas where the outside might blow in and take the time to fit gap-sealing draught excluders.

Take a few minutes to consider each of the above and the eco products that can help reduce your home or water heating costs. These are the kind of resolutions that don’t even need a steely determination to stick to them. Can we wish you a Happy New Year filled with sustainable living?