Enjoying Guy Fawkes Night without harming the environment

Monday, 2 November 2015  |  Admin

When you’re enjoying the warmth of a roaring bonfire, the taste of toffee apples and the spectacular sight of fireworks exploding in the night sky, it’s easy to forget that even a relatively modest Guy Fawkes Night party has an impact on the environment. If you’re keen to enjoy Britain’s annual celebration of the most infamous – and unsuccessful – attempt to obliterate Parliament from the face of the country, but are keen to ensure the natural world is unaffected as far as possible, some simple steps could help to create an eco-friendly Bonfire Night.

Attend a public display

If possible, attend a public fireworks display instead of holding your own garden party. By doing so, you won’t be contributing to damaging the environment by burning a bonfire or setting off fireworks; you can be confident that you’re playing your part in protecting the natural world, along with the thousands of other spectators who join you to enjoy an organised display. Choose a public event close to home so that you can walk, instead of relying on the car – you’ll probably find parking close by is virtually impossible anyway.

Keep garden parties small-scale

If you do host a garden bonfire party for family or friends, it’s important that you don’t attempt to recreate London’s new year fireworks display simply to impress the neighbours. The more impressive the fireworks, the more damaging they are to the environment, releasing a harmful combination of toxic matter, chemicals and greenhouse gases in to the atmosphere. Instead, opt for simpler fireworks or, if possible, eco-friendly products.

Think carefully about what you burn

When building a bonfire, only include untreated materials such as branches, leaves and logs, to prevent the release of chemicals. Avoid materials that produce dense black smoke when burned and never use accelerants, such as petrol, to get the fire going. Remember also to check for hedgehogs who may have ventured into the heart of the unlit bonfire to settle down for winter.

By taking these simple steps, you can be confident of holding a Guy Fawkes celebration that will help to protect the planet without loss of enjoyment for you, your family or your guests.