Eco Christmas Decorations

Wednesday, 14 October 2015  |  Admin

Christmas is a time full of celebration, family and joy, so its often easy to forget about the environment in the mix of it all.

The Norway Spruce which has been growing in a field for the past seven years is felled, and hauled home in a squashed car, dragged across the living room floor, and erected in the corner of your living room for its one month of glory. There's something incredibly natural and traditional about it - its a time for the family to come together in decorating it.

Its only fair that it gets given the send off it deserves, isn't it? Seven years of nurturing has gone into it so far! Thats why we've selected the finest and most exquisite range of eco-friendly Christmas decorations available. They're fair trade from India, made from recycled glass, and finished in a beautiful tarnished silver. When they're lit up by the twinkling tree lights, or tealight candles, its really does summarise the feeling of Christmas. 

The whole Christmas period (which seems to start as early in August as possible), is made up of ideas which will be impact on the environment. Here is our five top tips to ensure your Christmas is environmentally friendly as possible;

1) Keep it Natural - keep your Christmas traditional this year, with plenty of natural decorations. Why not make a wreath for your door with items collected from a cold morning walk. You can use pine cones throughout the home - cheap, and incredibly Chirstmassy. Fruits, Nuts, Applies & Cinnamon sticks will all help create the Christmas feel. Complete with low air miles, and nearly all biodegradable.

2) Wrapping Paper -  when rushing around on Christmas Eve its easy to buy rolls of shiny, plastic wrapping paper - covered in bright dyes. Avoid it this year, and use recycled brown wrapping paper, finished with a vintage style bow and tag for some extra class.

3) Recycle your Tree - when the Christmas season is over, and the decorations are coming down, make sure your Christmas Tree is taken to a recycling bank. Your local council will sometimes collect them, or DIY stores often have a place for them. They can then be broken down into wood chips and used by landscapers 

4) Conserve Energy - Christmas is full of lights and batteries for the Children's newest toys. Make sure you're organised this year. Put your Christmas Tree lights on a timer. Not only is it one thing less to think about, it also ensures they are definitely turned off. Get a stack load of rechargable batteries in. The toys will drain batteries like there is no tomorrow.

5) Buy Local -  Hidden in the Countryside just outside the Urban town you'll find lots of little Farm Shops. The produce they sell will be second to none, they won't be as busy as the supermarkets, and the money you spend in them will benefit the local community. They'll have a whole range of fresh meats, chutneys, pickles and stocks. Fantastic fresh produce, and fantastic prices (without the air miles!).

This is guide to enjoy a reponsible, environmentally friendly Christmas. If you'd like Eco-friendly Christmas Presents, or environmentally friendly decorations, then check out our ecostore.