Eco Christmas Decoration Ideas

Sunday, 6 December 2015  |  Admin

Go green with your decorations this year!

Christmas is a time for peace on earth, mistletoe, wine and goodwill to our fellow man. Filling our homes with garish, high energy fairy lights, plastic wreaths and dying fir trees, however, hardly fits this bill. Luckily, there are lots of environmentally friendly products and natural alternatives available so that you can decorate your house in a much more eco-friendly way, without sacrificing any festive cheer! Here are our pick of green ideas:

1). LED candles

Flickering candles are wonderful for creating a cosy Christmas atmosphere in your home, however, the traditional wax versions are incredibly wasteful, not to mention potentially dangerous if you have young children or pets. We love the LED versions: they're safer, much more environmentally friendly and sustainable as they will last for years! Modern LED lights can change colour and even twinkle in the same way as a real candle. What's not to love?

2). LED fairy lights

LED fairy lights are a much better alternative to the energy-guzzling incandescent ones. As well as being far more energy efficient (great for your low carbon lifestyle!), they will be cheaper in the long run, don't burn out and you don't have the annual nightmare of trying to work out which bulb has blown the whole set when you get them out of the loft! They now come in a range of colours so you can add some colourful twinkle to your Christmas tree this year.

3). Potted living Christmas Trees

We hate the idea of bringing a live tree into our homes to then throw it out, dead, a few weeks later. This year, why not go for a real potted tree, such as rosemary, which will smell beautiful, look amazing and will be able to provide you with herbs well into the new year? You can decorate them just as you would with a normal fir tree but be happy in the knowledge that you are protecting the planet.

4). Homemade decorations and wreaths

Instead of rushing out to the nearest supermarket to buy garish plastic baubles, why not decorate your tree with some homemade decorations? Gingerbread men and ginger star biscuits look fantastic: simply push a pen lid through the top before they go into the oven so you have a hole through which to thread. Additionally, if you have any leftover fabrics hanging around the house, recycling them can be a great way of creating an unusual decoration. Scrunch up strips of fabric and place them on a large card circle to make a fabulous and very eco-friendly wreath.