Choose a unique and thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day

Monday, 1 February 2016  |  Admin

Choose a unique & thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day

It's nice to show our loved ones how we feel on Valentine's Day, but are mass-produced greetings cards, tacky teddies destined for landfill and bouquets of flowers with more air miles than you really the best way to go about doing it? We think not.

The best way to show someone you love them is to show a little love for our planet too - and there are plenty of eco gifts to choose from in our store. Choose something that's personal and thoughtful, which your recipient will really appreciate and get a lot of use out of. We've got some of our top suggestions below:

1. Beer-bottle tumblers

These pretty recycled tumblers are the perfect pressie for a beer swilling bloke (or lady) you're looking to show some love. They've been upcycled from old Grolsch bottles, saving them from landfill and reducing the energy necessary to recycle them. 

Perfect as every-day water glasses but equally suited to a more upmarket occasion, your valentine is sure to think they're funky.

2. T-light lanterns 

This gift will last much longer than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocs, and it's perfect for setting the mood on February 14th too. You can use them to decorate the table for a romantic meal for two, hang them from the ceiling in bunches or set the mood in the boudoir.

These lanterns are pretty small and cheap, so why not treat your house-proud other half to a handful of them?

3. Circuit board coasters

Are you in love with a geek? Does the ying to your yang love coding, computers and all things techy? Then they'll love how thoughtful these circuit board coasters are. Perfect for resting a cold beverage on while getting stuck into some serious gaming or a marathon movie sesh.

4. Butterfly print

Buy your love a beautiful art print to hang on the wall, and they'll think of you every time they see it. This lovely butterfly is the perfect Valentine's gift for the art lover in your life.