Build A Wildlife Home - Step by Step

Sunday, 30 August 2015  |  Admin

If you have the time and resources, its easy to construct your own Wildlife Home. It'll help keep the bugs in your garden, and will encourage others to join them.

Providing a safe retreat is crucial, not only to protecting the species from habitat loss and predation, but also to encourage things everyone takes for granted. The bee's aren't there just to cause a nusiance at Summer BBQ's - they're there to polinate flowers. Ladybirds aren't just there to be collected by the Children, but will eat the greenfly to keep your plants in perfect condition!

Building our Insect Hotel is quick and easy. You and the Children can get creative in the design - just make sure it contains lots of nooks & crannies for insects to go and hide - whether they're nesting, sleeping, eating or hibernating. Whatever they're doing, they won't want to be disturbed.

Whether your decide to build it amongst the flowers, or behind the garden shed, it will get used. The size is completely scaleable, so why not creative a mini one by the pond, so the frogs & toads can use it too.

Image from The Guardian

The Construction 

Make sure the ground on which you  will build it on is firm and level. If you plan to build it amongst the flowerbeds, use some bricks or slabs to lift it up slightly - this will prevent the bottom layer becoming damp and water logged in bad weather (we know Britain is very good at bad weather!). Stack pallets as the foundation, in an area which will get the morning sunshine. As you place the pallets, fill each layer with a whole host of different materials. Here are some suggestions on what we've used, but be creative, and use anything you'd like.

Bricks (with air holes), dry leaves, hay, pine cones, hollow garden canes, sticks & twigs, old broom bristles, hose pipes, polystyrene sheets, newspaper, plastic bottles, plant pots, wood slats, stones, tiles, crates. 

You can even create smaller rooms within the hotel - solitary bees love to hide in bamboo canes, and earwigs love to hide out in cut plastic bottles, filled with shredded newspaper. Last, but by no means least, finish the top of your hotel with rustic, recycled tiles - you can get these tiles from builders merchants. This will not only finish the hotel off nicely, but keep it nice and dry inside.

We suggest putting flowering plant pots on top or around the hotel - it'll help attract new residents! If there is a specific insect you want to attract, then research what they're favoured habitat is. 

If you haven't got the time, or space, for a complete Insect Hotel, why not check out our range of Wildlife Homes here - from Bees & Bugs, to Birds & Bats, there is something for everything!