​Beating the cold and saving the environment

Monday, 5 December 2016  |  Admin

We can’t deny it that has turned that little bit colder outside. As the winter really starts to gather pace, we all notice the frost outside in the mornings and the chill in the air as the evening sets in.  This often means that many of us will whack up the heating in our homes.

No-one wants to sit in a cold house, but equally, there are not too many of us that will be happy with soaring energy bill prices. So, what if there was a way that you could keep your home warm, use less energy and make sure that you are being kinder to the environment too?

Here at Protect the Planet we believe that there is a way that you can have all three. To help you we have put together some of the best ways that you can have a warm, cosy and environmentally.

Shut the door!
Sounds simple doesn’t it? It may surprise you to learn that so many of us forget to shut our doors. Now, we are not talking about the front or back doors here, rather those internal doors that could create a block and stop all that lovely warm air from escaping. This is particularly true if you have a part of the house that is colder than the rest, the stairs or kitchen for example, as these rooms can suck out all the warm air and give nothing back. 

Reflect the heat
Find that the temperature soon drops in your house if you turn off the radiators? If this is true for you, then the warm air could be escaping from the back of the radiator and through the wall. To try and stop this we recommend popping a heat reflector to the back of your radiator, which will reflect any heat back into the room. 

This is a popular method of reducing heat loss in your home. Installing insulation into your wall can be a slightly more expensive way to prevent heat loss, however, it is a definite investment! If you opt for cavity wall insulation then it is easy to install and makes your home feel like it is wrapped in a tea cosy! 

Buy nice thick curtains
Your windows, even if they are double glazed, can let out plenty of heat. Nice, thick curtains are the ideal blocker for any cold air getting in, not to mention the heat getting out. They don’t have to cost the Earth and they are a really effective way to make sure that your energy bills are a touch lower. 

Chimney Balloon
As an eco-friendly product supplier, it comes as no surprise that we have something in our online store which is designed to minimise heat loss and higher energy bills. If your home has an old chimney, then you may find that all that lovely warm air escapes when it isn’t lit. By buying one of these inflatable chimney balloons, you can plug up that vacant space and stop any air from finding a way out! 

So, now you know the ways that you can reduce your energy bills and make sure that your home is that little bit  greener. We hope that we have helped you to have a warm and cosy winter!